Logical Architecture

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Web Client

The billing admin portal is the interface through which an administrator configures the LogiSense platform, creates their catalog offerings, sets pricing and administers customer accounts.

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Rating & Mediation Scaling

The LogiSense Rating Engine is built on a distributed and scalable queuing architecture that is optimized for performance. Small database table sizes lead to less fragmentation and fast access times.

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Usage Aggregation & Scaling

The system needs to employ a combination of scaling mechanisms to handle throughput. Care must be taken during the aggregation process to ensure granular attributes specific to each individual usage record are not lost during the aggregation process.

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Billing Scaling

The Billing service deals with all aspects related to billing from the scheduling of bill runs, through invoice generation, payments and collections. The Billing service is multi-threaded and utilizes a queuing architecture to distribute the billing load evenly.

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The database contains configuration data, tables and business data that needs to be persisted. Access to the database is secure and via API only.

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