Adding an Account

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Adding an Account is found at Account / New


Accounts typically represent customers or partners. Accounts contain contacts, packages, invoices and other account/billing specific settings and information. Below you will find instructions on how to create accounts.

Adding a New Account

There are two steps to create an account, these are shown on the left panel under the New Account heading. The first step is to specify basic account details, billing and invoicing settings. These settings are explained below.

Note: Fields will display a red left border if a value is required and purple text if the field is read-only and cannot be modified.

Adding Account Details

Populate the following account details:

  • Name: a unique account name. This could be a name, account number, company name, etc. depending on your own internal account naming policies

  • Display Name: an optional name that can be displayed on reports and invoices

  • Bill Group: determines how the customer will be billed and invoiced

  • Status: the status the account will initially be set to after it is created

  • Type: the type of account you are setting up (residential, corporate, enterprise, partner, etc. depending on what types your organization has setup)

  • Invoice Delivery: specifies how the customer will be invoiced. For instance, invoice delivery settings determine if the invoice will be emailed or not and the delivery settings will determine the appearance and information presented on the invoice (the invoice template to use). This setting is automatically populated when the Bill Group is selected, however another invoice delivery configuration can be selected in this field if desired

  • AR Term: the accounts receivable terms that apply to this account (dunning rules, payment due date, etc.)

  • Currency: the currency the account will use and display in relations to charges and transactions. Only packages configured to be sold in the account's currency will be available when adding packages to the account

  • Company: an optional field allowing you to enter a company that the account is associated with. If the company you type in does not exist yet in the system a 'Add New' option will be displayed allowing you to add the company

  • Subscription Charges: allows you to specify which account will be invoiced for package/subscription charges incurred by the account you are creating. This would include one-time and recurring charges applied to the account, but not usage charges

  • Usage Charges: allows you to specify which account will be invoiced for this account's usage charges. If another account receives both usage and subscription charges then the 'Bill Group' and 'Invoice Delivery' fields will be disabled (the bill group and delivery settings of the account being invoiced will be used in this case)

Adding Contact Details

The next step in account creation is to add contacts. Towards the left under the New Account heading click Contacts.

Note: Contacts that must be setup on the account will be noted with the text '(required)'

Populate the contact details for each required contact:

  • First Name: the contact's first name

  • Last Name: the contact's surname

  • Title: the contact's title

  • Company: the company the contact is affiliated with. If the text you enter does not match a company in the system a 'Add New' option will be shown allowing you to add the company

  • Contact Type: the type of contact (autopopulated)

Info tab

This tab allows you to manage additional contact details beyond the info captured so far (email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc.). If additional contact details are required they will already be shown on this tab. You will need to add the required contact info in that case.

You can add more contact information than is required here if desired. To do this click the 'Select Info to Add' field, select a contact point to add, then click the '+ New' button. Enter the contact point details on the Add pop-up that appears and then click the Add button.

Address tab

Populate the contacts address details. If a company has been defined for the contact and the company's address is the same as the contact's address, you can select the 'Use Company Address' option to auto-populate the company's address details.

Adding More Contacts

You can add additional contacts during account creation in the contact list under the Contact heading. In this list contact types will be displayed (billing, service, etc.). Selecting a contact type in this list will highlight the contact type and show you a (emoji) symbol. Click the plus symbol if you wish to add a new contact of the type selected and it will appear in the contact list. From there simply click the new contact in the list and populate the contact details.

Deleting Contacts

Under the Contact heading click the contact in the list that you want to delete. When the contact is highlighted click the (emoji) , the symbol will change to a (emoji), click the (emoji) to confirm that the contact should be deleted.

Creating the Account

When you have provided all the need account details click Save to create the account. After clicking save you will be directed to the new account's settings screen where you can add view or modify the account's settings if desired.