LogiSense Billing 10.5.x Release Notes

Last Updated: Thu Dec 07 2023

Within these release notes you will find descriptions of new features, enhancements and API changes in the LogiSense Billing application. The content below details changes in major release versions, point release versions and hotfixes. If you have any questions about the information provided below please do not hesitate to contact your LogiSense support representative.

10.5.0 Release Notes

Change Highlights

Account Menu and Screen Changes:

  • Revised the Account screen to present a list of accounts in the system that can be sorted by column and loaded by clicking on the account name

  • Accounts listed can be filtered by account name or usage identifier by using the new 'Search Filter' options on the Account screen

  • New accounts can be added by loading the Account screen and clicking the 'Add New Account' button

  • The five most recently accessed accounts by the user are now listed under the Account menu on the left menu bar. Clicking on an account name will load the account

  • The Account Overview menu options (Profile, Billing, Communication, Settings) and the screens under these menus are now available on the main Account / Overview screen after loading an account

  • Modified the Contacts section of the Account Overview screen to display contract addresses

Other Account Enhancements:

  • Added the ability to add negative transactions on the Transactions screen

  • Manual Transactions can now be added with an amount up to 11 digits of decimal precision. Amounts will still be rounded to 2 decimal places on the Invoice

Product Catalog Enhancements:

  • Price Books:

    • New feature which allows package pricing to be configured per country or grouped across multiple countries (for instance, a price book for Germany, another for Spain, another for Europe)

    • Rate Plans can be configured on package frequencies per service, for each price book

    • General Ledger codes and Service Tax Categories can be set on package frequencies per service, for each price book. This will override any GL Code or Tax Category configured on the Service in the product catalog

    • Price books can be imported by data import

  • Package Quantity Feature:

    • Extended the quantity feature to allow recurring non-usage based services to be added in bulk

  • Tiered Pricing Enhancements:

    • Added the ability to setup progressive pricing tiers on usage rates

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Added page history functionality to permit the use of the back and forward browser buttons

  • The LogiSense Billing build version can now be found in the user popover in the top right corner of the screen

  • Fixed many UI issues on multiple screens

  • Error handling and resiliency improvements

  • Validation fixes and improvements

  • Improved performance loading invoice data on the Transactions screen

  • Rating performance improvements

  • Fixed an issue where searching for accounts could return mismatched results when the search text contained an underscore character

  • Fixed an issue when searching for an account contact where no results were returned when searching for a first name only

  • Modified Advanced Filters to remove a column filter from the selection list once the column has been configured on the filter

  • Fixed an issue on the Account Package screen where the prices of account-services on the Services tab would incorrectly display product code price overrides instead of catalog prices

  • Improved performance billing recurring services

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a price override from being removed from an account-service

  • Modified discount logic to ensure fixed discounts cannot exceed catalog prices and bill a negative amount

  • Fixed an issue where usage could go unbilled if an account-package was cancelled after the first usage billing period and billing was executed after the cancellation but before the second billing period

  • Fixed an issue that prevented billing of past periods on post-paid packages if the packages were activated after the original period was billed

  • Modified logic to create an invoice item when any amount of usage is billed regardless of the value (e.g. when the usage is fully bucketed). Previously, these usage charges were set as no charge invoice items and excluded from the invoice

  • Fixed an issue where additional recurring charges and credits were applied when a usage identifier was changed on an account-service mid-period, and the package was configured to charge for full periods. This issue did not impact the account balance, but did add unnecessary charges to an invoice

  • Fixed a billing issue where the prorate period was calculated for a period of 31 days after changing an account package's next bill day, billing the package, voiding the invoice and then billing the package again

  • Fixed an issue where an account's status could not be set to canceled if only one account-package existed on the account and the package had been billed and canceled

  • Fixed an issue where an account-package's Bill Day and Usage Bill Day could not be modified on accounts that did not receive invoices

  • Fixed an issue where a transition charge would not be applied if the Transition's 'From Status' and 'To Status' matched the configuration of an existing transition

  • Fixed an issue when adding an account-package where updating charge values could result in a transition charge or penalty value being lost when saving the package

  • Modified logic so that when billing a non-recurring charge service, the period start and end dates will be set to the service’s effective date

  • Modified transaction reversal charges that have been voided so that they no longer appear on the Edit Transaction Reversals tab

  • Fixed a currency conversion issue with transaction reversals that could result in an incorrect remaining transaction amount in scenarios where the system default currency was different than the invoicer account's currency

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect transaction period could be set on a transaction related to a prepaid account-package

  • Improved performance of the invoice render process

  • Added invoice tokens to render non-recurring charge totals

  • Modified Invoice Total calculation to not include attached payments

  • Fixed an issue where the overageConsumption invoice token could display an incorrect value in scenarios where partially bucketed usage went into overage and an overage rate plan was configured

  • Modified dunning rules to only execute if an invoice is rendered or delivered and the invoiced account is not cancelled

  • Modified the Bill Run History screen to include billing error messages and the Bill Run History ID

  • Fixed issues that resulted in incorrect Bill Run History statistics

  • Modified the Orders screen to display a spinner icon until the creation of an order is complete. This prevents subsequent orders from failing to be created if they are added prior to the first order being completed

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect contract commitment period would be set after splitting unapplied commitments

  • Fixed an issue where voiding an invoice that contained an early contract termination charge would not reverse the Billed Through date on the related account package, if the package contained only non recurring charged services under contract

  • Fixed an issue where voiding an invoice that contained an early contract termination charge could result in incorrect next Bill Day and Billed Through dates, as well as an inability to further bill the post paid account-package that was configured with the contract

  • Fixed issues with invalid contract charges and other billing issues that can occur when an account-package with a contract and a future cancellation date is billed

  • Adjusted max character length of product codes to 50 characters

  • Set the maximum number of package frequencies that can be configured on a package in the product catalog to 50

  • Fixed an issue with counting rules where counting a service per status was including cancelled services, when the counting rule was configured to 'Count Only If Usage'

  • Added the ability to configure an API Only User on the Users screen. A user configured with this setting will not be able to log into the AdminPortal UI and can only be configured with an API Role and API Role Group

  • Modified Role Group Permissions screens to allow API role groups to be easily configured

  • Defined default core Role Groups (Admin, ReadOnly, API Admin and API ReadOnly) which cannot be modified

  • Fixed multiple UI issues on the Role Groups screen

  • Fixed issues which allowed payments to be created and reversals/refunds issued when the user lacked the proper role permissions

  • Removed DailyAggregateByAccountServiceID, UsageRateID, and UsageRateName columns from the Daily Usage V2 data source

  • Added Total Daily Usage V2 data source which provides a total of account service usage per day

  • Reintroduced Usage V2 data source

  • Fixed an issue where report filters did not filter report data when the filter was configured with system default filter values

  • Fixed an issue with Report Filters where filtering on a date/time required the time to be supplied down to a millisecond value

  • Added the ability to attach a rate plan when importing a package-service

  • Added the ability to attach a counting rule when importing a package-frequency

  • Added the ability to data import customer portal users

  • Modified Data Profiles to allow parent accounts to be imported without utilizing plugins

  • Data Profiles now support determining target fields using an AND condition across multiple source fields

  • Added the ability to specify account-service effective dates when importing account-packages from the catalog

  • Fixed multiple data profile target mapping issues and other data profile UI and validation issues

  • Fixed an issue where an imported account-package's Billed Through dates would not be reversed after voiding the first invoice

  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect count values on the Data Import History screen

  • File Importer performance and resiliency improvements

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to click the Add button on the SMTP Settings screen when SMTP settings were already setup

  • Modified the Taxes tab on the Transaction screen to display taxes calculated even if the transaction is not yet attached to an invoice

  • Fixed an issue where an invoice would fail to generate if an account contained tax reversal transactions and the system was setup to use the local LogiSense tax vendor

  • For customers using AvaTax for Communications, manual transactions recorded against a Service with a Service Tax Category based on Lines can support a quantity of up to 500,000. All other transactions are still limited to a quantity of 10,000

  • Modified AvaTax integration to discard GeoCode responses with a score greater than '1' in order to avoid using an incorrect Tax Jurisdiction Code

  • Modified AvaTax integration to removed the '-' from the list of special characters that are padded by default when making a GeoTree lookup as this was causing an incorrect tax jurisdiction code to be assigned

  • Fixed an AvaTax integration issue where incorrect taxes were applied when a credit or negative transaction was added with a quantity value greater than one

  • Added the ability to prorate money buckets

  • Removed the ability to configure Exabyte/Exbibyte usage units on data usage buckets

  • Fixed an issue where the Amount field was missing when editing a money bucket on an account-service in scenarios where the bucket was added using a global add-on service attached to a sales order

  • Modified the Share Plans Edit Bucket screen to display 'Tier Threshold' instead of 'Tier Growth' on the Tiers tab

  • Modified rating behavior to rerate when a usage bucket goes into overage and not when contributing services or packages are added

  • Fixed an issue where rating would fail to find a rate group when rate group conditions existed and those conditions referenced a custom mediation field with a name that began with a lower case character

  • Fixed an issue where a usage record would go into exception if a mediation custom field was configured with a name that started with a lower case character

  • Fixed an issue where re-rating would not occur correctly when a bucket with a $0 flat charge was shared across a package and then the account-service containing the bucket was canceled

  • Fixed an issue where rated usage overage could be rated using an incorrect rounding rule

  • Fixed a mediation issue where in rare cases the mediation process would fail when highly concurrent operations were executing

  • Customer Portal UI and validation improvements and fixes

  • Removed the Process Register screen from the Operations menu

  • Renamed API Permissions section to 'Blacklists' on the Operations screen and sub-menus

  • Fixed issues with the scheduler that could cause scheduled events to be missed in some scenarios

  • Fixed issues that could cause data loss when archiving data to an S3 bucket

  • Removed 'Account Previous Status' from the list of Email Template Variables

  • Image effects in Word are no longer supported on invoice templates. Images will still render on PDF invoices but effects applied to the image will not

  • Fixed an issue where the billRun.name value returned in a Webhook was actually the Bill Run History Name

  • Fixed an issue that could database connections to be become blocked in some scenarios

10.5.0 API Changes

API Version 7 is introduced in this release

  • Deprecated APIs:

    • v3+/Usage/Rate/Plan/Package/Service/History (Get)

    • Report/Storage (Get, Put, Delete)

    • Report/Storage/Paged (Get)

    • Report/Storage/{id} (Get)

    • Report/Storage/identityOnly (Get)

  • Updated APIs:

    • Improved performance when creating a large volume of account services by API

    • Extended the DataImport/Usage API so that usage data can be supplied in JSON format

    • v7/Account/{id}/Detail (Get): added properties AccountSummary and AccountPriceBookRegions

    • v7/Account/{id} (Patch attach/detach): added property AccountPriceBookRegions

    • /v7/InvoiceItem (Get, Post, Put, Patch): removed property ‘isTaxExempt’

    • /v7/Package/Frequency (Get, Post, Put, Patch):

      • Added properties to pricePlans details: priceBookId, generalLedgerId, serviceTaxCategoryId

      • Added property to currencies details: priceBookId

      • Added property: currentRatePlan

    • /v7/PackageFrequencyPackageCurrency (Get): Added property PriceBookId. Defaults to Standard PriceBook (value 1)

    • /v7/Order (Post): Added properties to orderPackages: useBulkQuantity

    • v7/Account/Package (Get, Post, Put, Patch): Added property PriceBookId. Defaults to Standard PriceBook (value 1)

    • v7/Account/ProductCode/AvailableFor/Account/{id} (Get): Added property PriceBookId

    • DailyUsageSummary/ByAccountService/Paged (Get): The AccountServiceTemporalId property now returns 0 for api v4 to v6 and the property was removed in v7

    • v7/Package/Service/PricePlan (Post): Added property PriceBookId. This property defaults to the standard PriceBook (value 1) for v6 and all previous API versions

    • RatePlan (Get, Post, Put, Patch): removed amountPrecision property from api version 4 and higher

  • New APIs:

    • v7/PriceBook (Get, Post, Put, Patch)

    • v7/PriceBook/Region (Get, Post, Put, Patch)

    • v7/ApplicationVersion (Get): returns the application version

    • v7/Administration/User (Get, Post, Patch): allows the creation and modification of system users

    • v7/Schedule/BillRun (Post): creates a one time bill run that can be scheduled to run immediately or with a future start time

    • v7/CustomDataSource/{id} (Get): retrieves a JSON response from a custom SQL View

For additional API documentation please see the API Reference documentation on logisense.com.

10.5.0-Hotfix.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that caused malformed results to appear when searching on the Account Search screen

  • Fixed an issue where share plan add-on packages were added to an account multiple times if multiple price books existed with pricing specified for the add-on package

  • Modified invoice PDF rendering process to remove tables that have merge fields but no rows

  • Fixed an issue where the Data Import History screen did not display an exception when there was an error parsing a data profile transform formula

10.5.0-Patch.1 Release Notes

  • Added a 'View Children' link beneath the account name when an account is loaded to allow direct navigation to child accounts

  • Added the ability to search for parent accounts when performing an account search

  • Moved the account status into a badge on the account header panel

  • Fixed an issue where the View Invoice action on the Invoice screen was disabled if an account was canceled

  • Fixed an invoice issue where bold text wouldn't apply bold formatting when rendered if the bold text was within an IF condition on the invoice template

  • Fixed an issue where an invoice would be set to an incorrect status after rerendering the invoice failed

  • Fixed display issues when previewing invoices

  • Modified the invoice PreviousBalance calculation to include credit items that are configured to show only on credit notes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause invoice and credit note pdf generation to fail

  • Error handling improvements when importing usage

  • Fixed an issue with the ViewInvoiceItemUsageAmounts data source where bucket and overage consumption would be miscalculated if there was more than one bucketing operation in a period for an account service and usage identifier

  • Fixed an issue when setting up the Tax Adjustment report where configuring a filter on the Invoice Item Type Name column resulted in an an empty Operator field which could not be set to a value of 'equals'

  • Fixed an issue where tiered progressive pricing wasn't applied properly for non-recurring charged services when the account-service effective date differed from the package start date

  • Fixed an issue where creating or processing a sales order would fail when entities within the order contained custom field lists

  • Modified AvaTax integration to send the amount value as the total price for all lines (price * quantity) when service tax categories are utilized

  • Fixed a GeoTree issue where nodes could appear under multiple locations with similar names

  • Modified the Import History screen to only show data imported by API when the 'Switch to API Imports' action is selected

  • Fixed an issue where UniquenessIdentifiers were not stored with the correct value when mediated usage data was archived

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the MessageCollector service to fail to collect queued messages until the service was restarted

  • Modified token refresh logic to allow tokens to be refreshed for API users

10.5.0-Patch.2 Release Notes

  • Validation fixes and improvements

  • Billing performance improvements

  • Improved rating performance for environments with a large number of account-services within the same share plan

  • Fixed an issue where non-recurring charged services did not have their Effective Cancellation date set after being billed

  • Fixed an issue where progressive tiered pricing wasn't being counted properly for non-recurring charged services

  • Modified usage billing logic to create $0 invoice items when processing bucketed usage that is applied to progressive tiers

  • Improved error handling during invoice generation in the event connectivity to S3 is lost

  • Fixed an issue where creating a sales order would fail if a package in the order was configured with a product code

  • Fixed an issue where voiding an invoice that contained a charge for a backdated optional service would result in an incorrect charge being applied when rebilling

  • Fixed issues that prevented Advanced Filters from being created on multiple screens

  • Fixed credit note token issues which prevented the Credit Date, Total and Total including taxes values from being displayed properly on credit notes

  • Fixed an issue in AvaTax integrated environments where updating a contact's address would fail if the IsIncorporated and tax jurisdiction values were both null

  • Modified rounding logic to round rated amounts to 11 digits prior to rounding to the specified amount precision value

  • Fixed an issue where rerating would fail if duplicate usage records existed which were unbilled and had the same AccountServiceID or UsageDate value

  • Fixed an issue where a usage exception would occur in some scenarios when processing usage related to a service that was using a price plan's rate plan and had its usage identifier status changed

  • Fixed an issue where an account-package couldn't be created if it was configured with a lookup custom field that was set to use a default value

  • Fixed an issue where no options were shown when attempting to specify a custom field value when the custom field was configured with a lookup data type

  • Modified report generation to permit a maximum report size of 100MB in order to avoid consuming all available memory

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate data could appear in reports downloaded in CSV format

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Bill Run Schedule Status Type filter from being created on email and webhook binding actions

  • Fixed a data archiving issue where archive operations would not resume properly if the environment or service was abruptly shut down

10.5.0-Patch.2 API Changes

  • Optimizations to reduce API memory footprint

  • Account / Package: Fixed an issue when adding a service to an account-package with bracket tiered pricing where the UI would not display the correct pricing unless pricing for all of the service statuses was included in the API request

  • Invoice / Item: changed the default sort order when getting invoice items to sort by ID descending

10.5.0-Patch.3 Release Notes

  • Added an 'Invoice Top-up' setting to the Contracts section of the Bill Run configuration. When this setting is enabled billing will apply charges if an account contract is configured with a 'Minimum Invoice Amount' and the minimum value has not been reached

  • Fixed an issue where an account package with a future Effective Cancel date set could trigger a billing exception if the 'No Final Period Charge' cancellation option was selected

  • Fixed an issue where an account price plan's end date was not set with a time value which could cause charges falling on the end date not to be priced using the plan

  • Fixed a validation issue that allowed the Invoice Delivery value on accounts to be cleared

  • Fixed an issue where the Buckets tab would not be displayed after creating and saving a package if the package contained services with both usage buckets and billing activation buckets

  • Modified billing logic for progressive tiers to round the sum of the usage amount instead of rounding individual entries in each tier

  • Fixed a mediation issue where a record would not be rated or go into exception if the usage identifier in the record did not match the case of the same UID on an account-service

  • Modified rating logic to search GeoTree nodes for all matching patterns from highest to lowest when searching for a rate, instead of looking only at the highest matching pattern

  • Fixed an issue importing GeoTree location groups that caused the data import process to stall

10.5.0-Patch.4 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect usage summary values to be displayed on custom reports, in the customer portal or in an API response

  • Fixed an issue which could cause a child account to use rates from an invalid price plan

10.5.0-Patch.5 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where a rating exception would occur when a usage exception message exceeded 4000 characters

10.5.0-Patch.6 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where a service transitioning from a billable to cancelled status did not apply transition charges in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate emails to be sent in some scenarios

  • Rating error handling improvements

  • Fixed a billing issue where billing would execute before rerating was completed

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate usage exceptions

  • Modified rerating process to rate records without observing a specific order to improve rerating performance

  • Fixed a rerating issue that could cause exceptions to remain in a Requires Rerating state and aggregate usage data not to be updated

10.5.0-Patch.7 Release Notes

  • Fixed a issue where account billing would fail with a 'Cannot create time period with end' error in a rare scenario involving back billing and modifications to a previously billed prepaid period