Generating, Viewing and Downloading Reports

Last Updated: Thu Jun 24 2021

Reports are available from the Reports menu

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Reports can be generated, viewed and downloaded from the Report screen. Reports can be created and downloaded in either a csv or a pdf format.

There are various core/stock reports included in the application which can be filtered to customize the data presented. More detail on core reports is provided below. The system also supports the ability to create custom reports which can be generated and downloaded as needed.

Core Reports

The following core reports are available:

  • Accounts Reports: These reports return a summary of all accounts in the system or all account contacts in the system

  • Balance: from here you can generate an Aged Balance Report

  • Contracts & Commitments: these reports provide data on contracts and contract commitments

  • Invoicing: these reports provide invoice data organized in various ways. The Invoice Detail report (typically filtered on InvoiceID) returns data on all invoice items for a given invoice. The Invoice Summary report (typically run with a filter on Date or Account) returns a high level overview of Invoices in the system. The Invoiced Usage report provides usage details for usage processed on each invoice

  • Payments & Credits: the Payments report returns details of all payments processed through the system, which can be broken out by account

  • Rating & Usage: these reports provide usage and mediation details. The Daily Aggregated report returns a view of all usage received for a given account service on a given day, broken out by usage class. The UDR History report returns detailed data on rated and mediated usage records in the system. The UDR History report must be run with filters (e.g. feed, account, invoice, usage class, date)

  • Revenue: these reports detail purchases. The Package Sales report returns details on all account packages purchased by an account, when filtered by account. The Service Sales report returns details on all account services purchased by an account, when filtered by account

  • Taxes: from here you can generate the Taxes Payable report, which when filtered by InvoiceID or Date can return a detailed list of tax amounts generated by an invoice

Reports List Panel

The Reports List panel on the left of this screen allows you to select existing core reports and custom reports that have been setup. After selecting a report in the list, the report and report history details will be displayed in the panel to the right. If no report has been generated before, the Report and History tabs will be empty.

Report Panel

The information in this panel reflects the currently selected report. If a report has been generated in the past the Generated Date and Generated By (the system user that triggered report generation) will be populated.

Report Tab

From this tab a generated report can be previewed. To generate a new copy of the report the generate report button (emoji) can be used. Once a report has been generated it can be downloaded as a csv/pdf using the download button(emoji).

History Tab

This tab contains a history of each time the report was generated, details such as the format selected (pdf/csv) and the report type (indicating if the report was generated manually ‘On-Demand’ or created due to the report being scheduled to run at a set time).

Generating a Report on Demand

  1. Access the Reports menu and on the left under the Reports heading select the report you wish to generate

  2. In the right panel on the Report tab click the generate button (emoji)

  3. On the Generate Live Report modal that loads select either PDF or CSV as the Report Output

  4. Click the Generate button

  5. A ‘Report Generation in Progress’ toast message should appear indicating the report is being created

  6. A second toast message ‘Notification: Report Generated’ should appear shortly, once this message appears you can reload the Report tab in order to view the report