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Safe, Secure, and Compliant

Businesses expect data to be treated in a secure manner. LogiSense goes above and beyond industry security standards, subscribing to a layered approach to shelter your information from unwanted activity.

Capital "S" Security

There’s security and then there’s Security. There’s safety and then there’s Safety. There’s strict and then there’s Strict. At LogiSense, we’re all about the capital S’s.


Security, permissions, and compliance

Security. It’s critical. That’s why LogiSense Billing subscribes to a layered approach, combining safeguards to create the highest level of protection—without affecting user experience.
LogiSense users are given strict credentials. They’re identified by role or role group, whose permissions you can read, update, or delete.
LogiSense’s platform supports both manually entered payments and automatic collections. Configure bill runs any way you want through LogiSense’s supported payment gateways. You can even separate the billing system from sensitive credit card information using the Hosted Payments Page.
Layered security
LogiSense’s layered security starts with a strong password and premium on-account management. The LogiSense Billing portal can only be accessed via the secure HTTPS-based protocol. Strict role-based policies ensure that only authorized users can access customer data and logs. All applicable governance and privacy regulatory requirements, including GDPR, are met.
Hosting security
LogiSense’s infrastructure is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. It’s SSAE16 and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant, offering extensive protection of data and safeguards against service interruptions, backed by LogiSense’s SOC 1 Type II certification.
API security
LogiSense’s platform provides REST API support for integration into CRM and other enterprise applications requiring back-office systems interface capability. The REST API supports SSL-based authentication. API transactions require role-based, tokenized authentication. Unauthorized access via the API will result in exceptions.

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