Automation Workflows
Connect systems together, automate business rules and eliminate manual processes. All made possible by the LogiSense Billing API first architecture.

Trigger Flows From System Events

Subscribe to LogiSense Billing events to trigger automated workflows. Connect to existing systems or update billing data.

Tools That Do The Work For You

Eliminate the need to write, host and monitor integration code. Instead rely on LogiSense workflows to ease communications between multiple systems and automate processes.



Integrate CRM/CPQ systems to create smooth transitions from order, activation and invoicing.



As the state of services change, trigger flows to automate entitlements for access to features.


Data Integration

Integrate with sales, service or finance teams to keep up-to-date with the latest billing information.


Customer Experience

As usage thresholds are exceeded, automate account plan changes to keep customers happy.


Endless Scenarios

LogiSense workflows are designed for endless possibilities allowing solutions engineers to wrap them around your business processes.

  • Create multiple paths of execution with IF/THEN/ELSE logic.
  • Custom handling of exception scenarios.
  • Run asynchronously based on subscriptions to LogiSense Billing events.
  • Multiple input and data formats.
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