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Customer Expectation

It's all about the end customer. LogiSense makes billing easy for you, so you can make things easy for them.

System events, Customer Experience, and Data Flows

LogiSense’s automation capabilities help you organize your data, keep you connected with your end-users, and provide you with whatever view you need of your billing operations. We’ve got your back.

System Events
Events are us. Check out the available events that can be subscribed to within LogiSense’s system. When events are triggered, you can include a payload using Event Tokens to extend, customize, or integrate LogiSense with your entire IT ecosystem.
Customer Experience
LogiSense Billing comes with tools to help you serve and communicate with end customers. Let them pay bills or cancel packages. Update them on account activity. E-mail them important messages.
Data Flows
Organize multiple operations in a single transaction. LogiSense’s data flows organize patch calls to create, update, or delete connected data.

Collections and Dunning

LogiSense’s fully featured billing engine can handle it all: subscriptions and usage, invoice presentment, delivery and dunning. It can accommodate billing frequencies from one-time invoices to monthly and annual periods.

Contract Enforcement

At last – you can automatically eliminate revenue leakage, enforce termination terms, ramp-up requirements, and other custom contract conditions uniquely, for any customer.

Reporting and Analytics

LogiSense’s platform comes with the standard billing reports you need. Choose fields, or filter and sort data. Create reports for export to your financial system. See what’s going on across the board or on an account-by-account basis.

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