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Billing Doesn't
Have to be

No matter what you sell, LogiSense can help you measure it and bill it.

Usage, Consumption and Mediation

LogiSense's industry-leading usage and rating engine lets you automate consumption-based billing with ease. Any type of pricing, any way you want it.
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Integrations and Extensibility

LogiSense's system supports the quote-to-cash flow within existing infrastructure, adding event driven monetization capability to your existing investments.
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Subscriptions and Recurring Billing

LogiSense's rating and mediation capabilities adapt to any business scenario or industry, so you can stay competitive as you grow.
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Accuracy, Security and Privacy

Data security is our top priority. LogiSense keeps your data safe and up to date, with our enterprise security and compliance policies.
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The LogiSense Solution

Open APIs

Connect and extend with open APIs
LogiSense's entirely API-driven cloud platform is fully accessible through available RESTful APIs.
Designed for security and scale
Gain peace of mind with a secure enterprise-grade solution tailor-made to serve your entire organization.
Built on a modern technology stack
Transform and monetize your offerings with automation that's open, intelligent, and proactive.

Integration Partners

LogiSense workflows
Connect systems, automate business rules, and eliminate manual processes thanks to LogiSense's billing API-first architecture.
AWS global infrastructure
Meet all your geographic, compliance, and growth needs, with LogiSense billing within the Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
Integrate with tools you already use
Supercharge your architecture with our integration partners.


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