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Get your finance operations in fighting shape with LogiSense.

Bid bye-bye to back-office billing woes. LogiSense’s automated platform offers full support for your finance operations. Access and optimize billing data across your organization or on an account-by-account basis. Track key details in real-time and export them to external accounting systems. Enforce and sort contract agreements with ease.

Contracts, taxes, and revenue recognition

Managing contractual relationships is a fine art. Every customer comes with their own set of financial logistics. LogiSense helps you to negotiate them all, whether dealing with complex tax situations or myriad audit scenarios. We provide operational support that’s right on the money.

Contracts and commitments
No two customers are alike. Each has individual needs and ideas. LogiSense offers you the flexibility you need to set up each contractual relationship.
LogiSense Billing has built-in capabilities to handle VAT-style taxation. You can also leverage LogiSense’s integration with Avalara AvaTax to calculate taxes and prepare compliance reports.
Revenue recognition
SaaS revenue recognition can be complicated, especially when you scale and grow. LogiSense’s automated system accounts for revenue recognition and creates an accommodating audit process.
Recapture lost revenue
Too often, underbilling doesn’t get noticed until it’s too late. But there is a solution: LogiSense. By automating your billing, accurately accounting for contract changes, managing involuntary churn and leveraging usage-based billing, you can recapture the revenue you might be losing.

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