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Whether you’re in connected services, communications, Xaas, or any other enterprise, there’s a single, flexible platform for all your billing needs.
Adam Howatson - CEO of LogiSense


Reliable Billing for any Industry on the go

Agility is essential to any industry. But when you’re talking about connected services, and the 250 million vehicles and counting that rely on it, your company may need to pivot at a moment’s notice. Today’s vehicles are practically the stuff of science fiction – and manufacturers are already at work on tomorrow. As a leader in a major growth industry, you need a flexible, reliable billing infrastructure, one that can blend subscription and usage-based options to capture market share and minimize churn.

Our fully configured billing platform can accommodate every solution in the connected mobility catalog, from today’s must-haves to tomorrow’s industry game-changers. Assign, price, tally, group, tier, share, repeat. It’s mobility-data mediation that’s simple, honest, and accurate—as easy and transparent as it is progressive.


Data Diversity and Security

As a communications service provider, you’re familiar with the challenges of data diversity and security—and the need for accuracy and transparency. When it comes to collecting, processing, and billing consumption data, we can help you handle complexity and scale even as your charging system evolves to accommodate industry changes, all while addressing regulatory safeguards.

You get peace of mind, thanks to a secure, enterprise-grade, end-to-end platform, tailor-made to grow with you.


As-A-Service Billing at Your Service

XaaS providers don’t break out the pricing gun, slap on a few stickers and go home. XaaS is a business predicated on API requests, transactions, bandwidth, and contract configurations. There are more pricing models out there than we've got success stories.

Whether you stand by the industry-preferred usage-based model or you’re a flat-rate, tiered, per-user or freemium-based business, our agile billing platform is tailored to your needs. For start-ups hungry for data or established players facing mountains of monthly records, we can help you measure and bill whatever you sell.

Partner, Not

Whether you’re in connected services, communications, or XaaS, we know what you’re looking for. You don’t just want a provider. You want a partner. Someone who’ll pivot when you need to pivot. Your business will grow, competitors will nip at your heels, new ways of doing business will place hurdles in your path.

You’ll need the most advanced billing system on the planet, one flexible enough to handle whatever the marketplace throws at it. We’ve got it. Our fully configured, cloud-based API-first platform can take on any user-based pricing model. Any.

Ready when you are, partner.


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