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LogiSense gives you the agility to bring innovative usage-based and subscription products to market quickly and accurately.


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"LogiSense - an Excellent Partner for Over a Decade"
Mark H.
"Highly recommended!"
Tausha T
"If you want a proven, reliable, quick to adapt and contiually evolving platform then this is the platform for you."
Darren C
"Their team was incredibly knowledgeable."
IT Admin
"Mediation and Rating handling Large Scale Usage"
Telecom admin
"Excellent customer service"
Nanouchka B

Change Billing
for Good

The old ways are gone. Today, customers lead the charge. Smart companies provide straightforward, usage-based and subscription billing. No foggy plans, no fine print. It’s good business. Period.

Change billing for good.
Change the economy forever.
Our Platform

If you offer it,
you can bill for it

No matter what you sell, LogiSense can help you measure it and bill it.

Usage, Consumption and Mediation

LogiSense's industry-leading usage and rating engine lets you automate consumption-based billing with ease. Any type of pricing, any way you want it.
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Integrations and Extensibility

LogiSense's system supports the quote-to-cash flow within existing infrastructure, adding event driven monetization capability to your existing investments.
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Subscriptions and Recurring Billing

LogiSense's rating and mediation capabilities adapt to any business scenario or industry, so you can stay competitive as you grow.
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Accuracy, Security and Privacy

Data security is our top priority. LogiSense keeps your data safe and up to date, with our enterprise security and compliance policies.
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The LogiSense Solution


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Billing Academy: Subscriptions 101

Learn everything you need to know about subscription billing, including how to configure your catalog.
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Overcoming Subscription Fatigue

Churn remains one of the largest threats to providers. Learn how to instill customer loyalty.
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Cisco Replaces Zuora with LogiSense

When Cisco wanted greater autonomy over go-to-market and product changes, and better automation and consolidation of invoicing systems, they came to us.
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Be Painful

Hidden fees, inflexible bundles, and upcharges aren't just unpleasant surprises, they're bad business. When outdated billing systems fail or mislead, trust is broken and loyalty is lost.

Stop investing time and money in outdated billing software. Offer clear, honest usage-based billing that people need. Scrap the fine print. Be upfront, maintain trust, and get paid.