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Your Solution for both Simple and Complex Subscriptions

Are your existing systems holding you back from moving to a Subscription Billing model? Do you have complex Subscriptions that create extra work from your Finance team, or are your Developers performing ad-hoc patches to support new models?



Reduce your Product Catalog SKUs by simply adjusting the separate pricing of your products based on their currency.


Volume Pricing

Adjust your Subscription price based on volume tiers. Create individually priced tiers or prices based on total Subscription volume.


Subscription Lifecycle

Specify pricing based on your Subscription Lifecycle. No need for separate SKUs, simply price the different states of your Subscription.

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Pay For What You Use

Customers are suffering from subscription fatigue and are asking service providers to only pay for the services that they actually use. One major reason for subscription churn is that customers don't believe they are getting the full value of their monthly subscription charge.

Combine Subscriptions and Usage

Model your services around low subscription fees with plans/bundles configured with usage tiers so that customers can customize their plans to the way that they consume your services.

Share Plans, Inclusions & Pooling

Create variable, fixed, individual and tiered usage allocations. Define pools accross multiple accounts, individual accounts or individual services. Once included usage is exceeded overage charges can be applied.

Provide Products The Way Your Customers Demand

Easily define separate chargable items and then organize them into different product offerings with specialized pricing. Subscription fees, one time charges, usage inclusions and specialized rate plans.


LogiSense's 2-tier structure creating products as a combination of multiple services creates extreme flexibility for creative pricing to beat your competition.

Subscription Lifecycle

Define different prices for your subscriptions based on the state of the service. Extremely valuable in IoT but also applicable to Enterprise and Communications.


Configure your product catalog pricing in multiple or one base level currency. Customers will be invoiced either set pricing for their currency or based on an exchange rate.

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Salesforce™ Integration

LogiSense Billing for Salesforce empowers your sales and customer representatives with the tools to simplify on-boarding of new clients, promote upsell opportunities and provide end-to-end visibility into customer account details.

Product Catalog and Opportunity Syncronization

Define your product catalog within the LogiSense billing solution with all of your billing rules. Synchronize this catalog into Salesforce price books for sales executives to add to opportunities. Once a deal has been customized and closed-won, push the order to LogiSense for accurate billing.

Personalized Contracts

Create deal specific pricing to meet customer demands. Utilize LogiSense's powerful contract commitments to ensure your customers meet the agreed upon terms for their special pricing. Ensure that you're capturing your revenue when customers under commit. Create an amazing deal for your customer without the worry if they will be billed properly.


Apply the flexibility of both line item and account based contracts. Specify your contract renewal terms, termination statuses and if contracts should co-terminate.


Apply volume commits, ramp-up schedules, minimum spend amounts, usage amounts, number of connections and under commit penalties.

Early Termination

Model early termination charges (WHATIF analysis) and create Tiered termination penalties for when contracts unexpectedly terminate early.

Personalized Contracts

Billing Your Customers

Configure LogiSense's billing platform around your business needs. Whether you perform anniversary billing, pre-defined bill dates, run automated billing and collections or have a formal invoice review process before delivery. Create a process that exceeds customer expectations.

Bill Runs & Collections

Bill Runs & Collections

Automate your bill runs and configure your collections rules. Setup different AR terms and configure dunning processes to notify customers and ensure that you are collecting your revenue.

Bill Groups

Bill Groups

Group your customers who bill in a similar fashion. When they recieve their invoices, which invoice templates to utilize and how they want their invoices delivered.

Invoice Templating

Invoice Templating

Build an unlimited number of invoice templates to match your needs. Utilize corporate colors, logos to build informative invoice layouts with as much summary or detailed information as needed.

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