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Forrester Research found that LogiSense's enterprise billing platform achieved a 283% ROI in less than 6 months for a top global networking solutions provider.

Where there's a bill, there's a way

Usage and Calculating Charges

LogiSense has the tools you need to take complete care of any metric or event. Nothing goes unclassified, improperly billed, or slips through the cracks - and no one goes unnotified.
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Subscriptions and Recurring Billing

LogiSense Billing goes beyond basic subscription scenarios to provide monetization as innovative as today's services. Real-time data pricing, bundling, sharing and tiering.
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Integrations and Extensibility

LogiSense's system supports the quote-to-cash flow within existing infrastructure, adding event driven monetization capability to your existing investments.
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Salesforce Automation

With LogiSense, customers can manage and view large volumes of complex usage data and integrate it seamlessly within Salesforce. Analyze your customers' consumption behaviour in real-time.
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The verdict is in. See what LogiSense customers are saying.

"One of the best billing solutions"
Craig H
"Highly recommended!"
Tausha T
"If you want a proven, reliable, quick to adapt and continually evolving platform then this is the platform for you."
Darren C
"The company is professional, responsive and flexible...we are very satisfied."
Nanouchka D
"Offers a wide variety of features to help businesses automate"
Pablo P
"It's met our needs for years and their support team has been very helpful"
James Y
Ready, Billing, and Able.
Become an industry leader in today's usage economy.

If it can be measured,
it can be billed

Customers want to pay for what they use. Companies that give them this flexibility build trust and win loyalty. Conventional subscription solutions limit pricing models. Join the usage economy with LogiSense. No matter what you offer, we can rate, measure it, and monetize it.

Add usage-based pricing to Salesforce!
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Change Billing For Good

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LogiSense is built for usage-based billing, but we also accommodate any combination of subscriptions, usage, multiple currencies, or complex rating scenarios. Price in real-time, automate, or schedule your billing process in any configuration.

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