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Stop revenue leakage, automate manual processes, and present accurate easy to understand invoices. Trusted by leading enterprises in communications, IoT, connected services and SaaS.

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Any Kind of Pricing
Measure and monetize any product or service.
Billing & Invoices
Accurate, easy to understand billing and invoices.
CPQ & Order Taking
Seamlessly integrate your quote-to-cash processes.
Payments & Collections
Automate your collections and get paid quickly.
Audit, Tax & Compliance
Satisfy your audit and compliance needs.
Revenue Recognition
Simplify your revenue recognition process.


Usage-Based Billing

Let customers pay for exactly what they use. Give them flexible and accurate billing options with consumption-based pricing.
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Consumption Drawdown

Create a flexible pricing model by setting up a budgeted amount of spend for multiple services. Allow your customers to draw down on the set amount based on the services they consume.
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Hybrid Billing

Amplify the returns on your subscriptions by offering customizable usage-based billing to any subscription, plan or pricing.
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Subscription Billing

Pay a recurring fee for access to a product or service over a specified period creating an ongoing engagement and long-term relationship with your customers.
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Eliminate Revenue Leakage

Contract Enforcement
Retain Customers
Correct Bills
LogiSense's contract enforcement functionality ensures that all deal specific commitments are billed properly.
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Real-time usage visibility lets you get ahead of possible customer churn due to improperly matched plan subscriptions.
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Incorrect bills due to uncharged usage exceptions mean that revenue is being lost without you even knowing it.
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Automate Billing

Organize your data, keep connected with your customers, streamline manual processes, and reduce your billing operations costs.

Consolidate Systems

Streamline financial operations, reduce costs, and improve decision-making and strategic planning by consolidating your financial systems.

Integrate Processes

Save time, money, and reduce errors between systems by integrating your back office processes.

Streamline Collections

Configure bill runs to collect automatically and automate your dunning process for late, or delinquent, payments.


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