Consume Services on a Set Budget /
Create a flexible pricing model by setting up a budgeted amount of spend for multiple services.

Draw Down on Your Budget

Easier Contracting

Establish a single-budgeted contract with your customer, so they can try new offerings without additional procurement steps.
Contracting diagram

Threshold Notifications

Send real-time notifications to your customers at different thresholds letting them know how much money they have left out of their allocated usage budget.
Notifications diagram

Include Muliple Services

Let customers sample your services to determine which best suits their needs before committing to a large upfront volume.
Muliple Services diagram

Pooling and Sharing

Give your customers the option to choose between a fixed and dynamic pool of usage per subscription, location, or across an entire enterprise account.
Pooling diagram
Predictable Revenue
Consistent Predictable revenue stream while providing usage based options.

SaaS Pricing Options

Try New Functionality

Let your customers try out a new service by purchasing a ‘bucket’ of credits and spending those credits across multiple services based on usage.

Flexible Usage Rates

Customize pricing for different services like pooling and tiering included in your consumption drawdown offering.

Easy to understand pricing

Make it easy for your customers to commit to your services by locking in a pre-defined monthly amount they can spend without worrying about usage commitments upfront.

Value to Customers

Provide the maximum value to your customer by allowing them to set a budget and use the different services, as much or as little, as they need them.

Share your Pricing needs

Are you considering introducing usage-based pricing to your portfolio? Speaking with one of our experts is a great first step.