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Jeremy Rifkin Speaks To Customer Advisory Board

Crisis or Opportunity?

As contributors to the global digital platform, LogiSense and its partners have a daunting responsibility—some say the most important responsibility in the history of civilization.

If that strikes you as a bold statement, listen to economic theorist, best-selling author, political advisor, and world-renowned activist Jeremy Rifkin. LogiSense had the privilege of having Mr. Rifkin as our guest keynote at our annual Customer Advisory Board meeting, CAB 2022.

The Great Paradigm Shift

In this podcast, Mr. Rifkin discusses the ongoing environmental crisis and the onus it places on today’s digital business leaders. As Mr. Rifkin affirms, we are in an era of real-time climate change, brought on by our fossil-fuel-dependent way of life. What’s required is a new economic vision for the world, a paradigm shift that’s the responsibility of the people behind today’s comms, transportation, and energy ecosystem.

Hear Jeremy Rifkin on...

  • How to beneficially drive the digital economy
  • How to keep your business flourishing while addressing the environmental crisis
  • The role of data analytics and AI in “the great paradigm shift”
  • Why it's up to you to save the planet


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