Overcoming Subscription Fatigue

Service Providers find themselves struggling to acquire loyal customers. Customer churn remains one of the largest threats to providers as freebies have proven to be an unviable long-term solution. Although customer acquisition cost is less for OTT services compared to pay TV, costs are rising as the market becomes more saturated.

Service providers implement a number of win-back strategies which have varying results. It is paramount for service providers to have a billing partner who can deliver customers what they really want: usage-based consumption. The ideal billing partner for OTT providers can do metering, mediation, and usage rating.

LogiSense's robust solution gives service providers the freedom and flexibility they need to give consumers what they’re asking for and to open new demographics for driving more revenue.

How is Customer Churn managed today?

  • Premium Content Offers: Is one of the most common strategies used by service providers to win-back customers who have recently cancelled their subscription.
  • Predictive Analytics (Artificial Intelligence): This strategy is to identify subscribers who are at-risk of churning and stopping them before it's too late.
  • Pricing Incentives (Annual vs. Month-to-Month): Providers try to lock their customers into longer commitments by offering price incentives on annual subscriptions.
  • Pause, Don't Cancel!: Allowing their customers to pause their subscription rather than losing them to churn.

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