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Numerex and LogiSense Discuss the Internet of Things

Effectively & Efficiently Monetize Offerings

As the IoT movement grows, further pressure will be placed on service providers to more effectively and efficiently monetize their offerings. Providers need to find new ways to maximize revenues in order to not just stay afloat, but to thrive. That requires a significant change in thinking about how we bill in the age of the IoT. Doing so will require a new level of flexibility and agility in how service providers respond to the surge of data coming across the network.

This event addresses the new demands IoT will place on pricing and billing – including Numerex’s and LogiSense’s real-life success scenarios from which service and solution providers alike may benefit.

Learn more about the:

  • Required agility necessary to manage the nuances of IoT business models
  • What end-to-end solutions mean to your company and why they matter
  • The impact of convergence on your offerings
  • True impact of "cost of ownership"


  • Steven Baker – VP Product Management, Numerex
  • Flavio Gomes – Founder, LogiSense
  • Ricky Gill – Product Manager, LogiSense
  • Scott St. John – Publisher, Pipeline, Moderator


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