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The Evolution of Usage-Based Pricing

The Past, Present & Future

Flavio Gomes, Founder of LogiSense sits down to talk about the evolution of pricing, the benefits of usage-based models and where value based pricing is headed in the future.

The early days of subscription only pricing didn't actually meet the needs of all buyers which left money on the table. Customers want to pay for what they use. Companies that give them this flexibility build trust and win loyalty.


Understanding Usage Billing 101

Learn everything that you need to know about usage billing and how to best configure your catalog.
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Overcoming Subscription Fatigue

Service Providers find themselves struggling to acquire loyal customers. Customer churn remains one of the largest threats to providers.
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Cisco Replaces Zuora with LogiSense

Cisco desired greater autonomy for go-to-market and product changes as well as better automation and consolidation of invoicing systems.