Modern Billing Challenges - Part 1

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LogiSense is a Saas billing provider focusing on the telecom and IoT space. In this podcast, Susanna provides insight on how IoT billing compares and contrasts to traditional billing services that have historically served the telecom sector with flat rate approaches. We learn about the monetization of IoT and the new thinking LogiSense brings to the traditional billing challenges. Susanna discusses LogiSense's recent partnership with Viatel.

Viatel is the largest Irish-owned provider of advanced voice, data connectivity, data center and managed software-defined wide-area network solutions in Ireland. The company offers services in Ireland and in other locations in the EU. LogiSense helped Viatel achieve GDPR compliance and reduced their billing cycle time by 75%. LogiSense has helped Viatel deliver a world class experience for their customers where products and services are delivered seamlessly, and monetized in a personalized, transparent, and fair manner.

Podcast originally published on Telecom Reseller. By: Doug Green