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If it can be measured, it can be billed

Customers want to pay for what they use. Companies that give them this flexibility build trust and win loyalty. Go beyond basic subscriptions with pricing models as advanced as your business.

Join the usage economy with LogiSense. No matter what you offer, we can rate, measure it, and monetize it. Our guided test drive will show you how.

We're not just usage-based

LogiSense is built for usage-based billing, but we also accommodate any combination of subscriptions, recurring, usage, multiple currencies, or complex rating scenarios. Price in real time, automate, or schedule your billing process in any configuration. Our pricing experts are ready to help you with your unique billing needs.

Ready to transform your business?

Subscriptions can be more than flat monthly fees. You know your offerings better than anyone. So why aren't you billing for everything your customers use? Get billing software with greater agility. Check out all the benefits of the free LogiSense 30-day test drive.

24x7 system access for 30 days
Full access to your system so that your team can do their due diligence.
Pre-configured templates from simple to complex offers
Instead of starting from scratch we have several different pricing models pre-configured.
Personalized platform orientation with a driving instructor
Allow our Solutions Engineers to walk you through the system and give you a guided tour.
Schedule private consulting sessions
Need some specialty one-on-one time? No problem, our experts are here to help.

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