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The Usage Economy Podcast

CFO Bookshelf's Mark Gandy hosts Adam Howatson, CEO - LogiSense

Consumers and business students know the subscription economy, but what about the usage economy? How does it differ, and why does it matter?

The first topic covered was the transition from a perpetual license model to subscription pricing, which was really a cost-plus model that included value for the hosting and intellectual property. Adam believes we are in a similar pivot from subscription-based pricing to Usage-Based Pricing.

What You'll Learn

  • Interview Highlights
  • Riding lawnmowers and the usage economy
  • Pragmatic marketing explained
  • The LogiSense pivot
  • The reason Netflix isn't usage-based
  • Telemetry is a critical term to understand and put to use
  • What Wink got wrong in their pricing
  • BlackBerry's bomb
  • "Aligning price and usage isn't always disruptive."
  • The reason information can and should be the product
  • The keys to implementing usage-based pricing
  • The role of AI in the usage economy
  • The metrics firms should start tracking
  • Adam's favorite books

Podcast originally published on CFO Bookshelf by Mark Gandy after reading The Usage Economy Book.

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