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LogiSense and Navint partner to address complex process and technology needs of enterprise IoT and SaaS firms seeking to optimize across the lead-to-revenue lifecycle

Toronto and Boston - October 21, 2020

Partnership combines best in class platform for advanced subscription billing, usage mediation and complex rating with end-to-end lead-to-revenue process expertise.

LogiSense, a leader in usage-based rating and subscription billing solutions, and Navint, an advisory and technology firm that helps organizations drive growth and operational efficiency, announced today, a partnership designed to serve the unique business process and technology needs of high growth, enterprise IoT and SaaS companies seeking to unify their business around recurring revenue models and new and complex offerings.

With specialists in recurring revenue, monetization and business architecture design, as well as deep implementation experience across the entire Salesforce ecosystem including highly specialized capability in Salesforce CPQ & Billing, Navint helps Fortune 1000 enterprises unify tools, processes and people across the front and back office. Navint's expertise across the entire lead-to-revenue lifecycle together with LogiSense’s best-in-class subscription-based and usage-based billing solutions will drive value for enterprise technology companies seeking to modernize their lead-to-revenue processes for growth, agility, efficiency, and improved customer experience.

Across our enterprise IOT and SaaS client base it’s apparent that business leaders have recognized the transformational value of optimizing Lead-to-Revenue processes and tools for innovation, efficiency and scale. Effectively and efficiently optimizing their ability to sell, serve and deliver across the entire organization, has become paramount in today's landscape.
Jim Martindale - CEO of Navint
Our partnership with LogiSense is built on our shared expertise in SaaS and IOT business models as well as our shared desire to help clients extend the Salesforce ecosystem to innovate and automate, improve operations and accelerate growth
Jim Martindale - CEO of Navint

LogiSense Subscription and Usage based billing solutions for IoT and Enterprise Technology enable business leaders to monetize their business with agility and accuracy, extending far beyond basic billing models to support Usage and State Based Pricing, Share Plans, Bucketing and Pooling, Sophisticated Contract Enforcement and Personalization. LogiSense's unique ability to connect to and leverage Salesforce allows clients to further strengthen their ability to meet customer demands in their lead-to-revenue processes and drive a competitive go-to-market.

In today's competitive climate, having the ability to adapt your revenue and billing practices quickly to address market needs allows companies to compete more effectively through dynamic product composition and pricing. Billing is a huge competitive differentiator and with Navint's strategic knowledge coupled with LogiSense's industry leading solution we can help our customers outperform the competition with an effective digital lead-to-revenue transformation.
Adam Howatson - CEO of LogiSense

Together LogiSense and Navint have impacted e-commerce in technology, and enterprise markets across the globe; including well-known companies such as Diligent, Splunk and Cisco.

About Navint

Navint is an advisory and technology services firm that enables enterprise organizations to drive growth and operational efficiency throughout the lead-to-revenue lifecycle. We deploy modern solutions that connect deep strategy and process expertise with technologies across the front and back office to help enable new levels of flexibility, efficiency and customer centricity. Strategically-led, operationally-minded and technology-supported, we support engagements across a wide variety of partners and platforms, including Salesforce, to design and implement a comprehensive approach for CRM, CPQ, CLM, Billing and ERP. To learn more, visit us at www.navint.com | Navint on LinkedIn

About LogiSense

LogiSense provides cloud-based subscription billing, usage rating, mediation and contract enforcement solutions for Enterprise, Telecommunications and Internet of Things organizations around the world. Providing the flexibility and scalability to address the service, billing and back-office realities facing today's rapidly-evolving enterprises. More info: www.logisense.com | Twitter: @LogiSense | Linkedin: LogiSense on Linkedin

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Tim Neil, Marketing and Product Director, LogiSense. tneil@logisense.com

Media Contact for Navint: jsanchez@articulatecomms.com