LogiSense and BillSoft Team to Power Telesphere Hosted VoIP Billing and Taxing Needs


LogiSense Rating and Billing platform and BillSoft EZTax combine to offer seamless service billing, taxing, and reporting

LogiSense Corporation announced today that its technology integration with BillSoft’s EZTax product has been selected and successfully deployed by Telesphere Networks, a Phoenix, Arizona based provider of Hosted VOIP Services.

Integration of LogiSense Rating and Billing with EZTax offers a ready made Billing and Taxing system that enables Telesphere to accurately and efficiently rate, tax and manage their core Hosted VoIP service.

Telesphere is a nationwide business phone and Internet services provider that delivers an innovative package of IP telephone services and Internet access to businesses throughout the United States. With recent capital raising and acquisition announcements, Telesphere is growing rapidly and requires the dependability and automation that the combined LogiSense and BillSoft technology offers.

We’ve been in partnership with Flavio and his team at LogiSense for a number of years and we’re exceptionally pleased at how our relationship has benefited a number of mutual customers. The recent addition of Telesphere, an award winning and fast growing provider of IP telephony and Internet services reinforces the value of our partnership.
Vicki Klein – President, BillSoft

The combined LogiSense and EZTax platform is being used to service catalogue, rate, bill and tax Telesphere’s VoIP and Broadband Internet services assuring accurate revenue and fast go-to-market capability. In addition to utilizing BillSoft’s EZTax product for tax calculation, Telesphere also enjoys the EZTax RLM supplemental tool. EZTax RLM provides Telesphere with the capability to modify the standard rates and logic within EZTax to have customized tax capabilities and fit their business model.

Our mutual customers now have the ability to have a complete rating, billing and tax platform that is fully integrated and which removes the pain associated with complex billing and taxing environments. We’re extremely pleased to have been selected by the Telesphere team and to realize a successful live deployment.
Flavio Gomes – CEO, LogiSense
As a fast growing Telephony Provider we require a robust Billing and Taxing platform that enables us to focus on delivering high quality telephony services. The combined integration of LogiSense and EZTax has directly and positively impacted our operational efficiency.
Todd Miszner – Vice President of Finance, Telesphere

About LogiSense

LogiSense provides licensed and Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) usage rating, mediation and subscription billing solutions for the Internet of Things, Telecommunications, Unified Communications and Enterprise service providers. LogiSense’s carrier-grade solutions are built on its proprietary, real-time usage rating and subscription billing platform. LogiSense designed the platform from the ground-up to be service, medium and provider agnostic, enabling it to grow with customers as they evolve their business operations and end user offerings. LogiSense Billing provides the flexibility and scalability to address the service, billing and back-office realities facing today’s rapidly-evolving communications service providers. Founded in 1998, LogiSense currently enables service provides across the globe with a platform that processes billions of usage events, and subscriptions per month. More info: www.logisense.com | Twitter: @LogiSense | Linkedin: LogiSense on Linkedin

About BillSoft

BillSoft specializes in enhancing billing systems and service bureau products. BillSoft’s Your Total Tax Solution consists of products and services for tax calculation, tax customization, product bundling, tax reference, address scrubbing, tax jurisdiction assignment, tax compliance filing, and tax consulting services. BillSoft’s flagship product, EZTax, is the most comprehensive transaction tax package available. With the availability of taxation for products and services in over 85 countries, EZTax provides the most comprehensive tax system for the best overall value. EZTax supports all major platform environments and offers a number of different interfaces with the standard product. In addition, BillSoft is partnered with billing and OSS firms, providing companies with a one-stop approach to a seamless billing and tax system. For more information visit, www.billsoft.com

About Telesphere

Telesphere is the leading pure-play provider of unified cloud communications. It leads the market by delivering carrier-grade performance and support for wire-line and mobile devices to business over its private IP MPLS network; one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Offering a fully-integrated suite of unified communications capabilities, Telesphere’s hosted services allow business of any size to enjoy all the latest voice, video data and collaboration features of large enterprise systems without the costly investment in on-premise equipment. For more information visit www.telesphere.com.