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Summer/2023 Product Release Transforms Billing Operations

Kitchener, Canada, AUGUST 15, 2023

Welcome to the future of billing innovation with LogiSense! We are thrilled to unveil our latest product release, packed with features designed to transform the way you manage your billing operations. This release represents our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and transparency for your business.

From simplified tax compliance to streamlined user management and increased system transparency, these updates are designed to empower your business and help you thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The new updates introduced by LogiSense not only deliver enhanced capabilities but also bring significant value to our customers. By simplifying complex processes, ensuring tax compliance, streamlining user management, and providing insights into system operations, we empower businesses to optimize their operations, save time, and make informed decisions. These updates reflect our commitment to innovation and our dedication to helping our customers succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
Chris Brown - VP of Innovation, LogiSense

Let's dive into the key features and benefits of this groundbreaking release that will elevate your billing experience to new heights.

Enhanced Discount Features: Streamlining Your Billing Process

LogiSense is excited to unveil our enhanced discount feature that empowers companies with seamless and efficient discount configurations. Easily configure discounts in the catalog with eligible time windows, and watch as discounts are automatically applied as products are added to accounts. Say goodbye to manual entry on each product and embrace a streamlined billing process.

Associate discount amounts with a GL Code for improved financial tracking, and target specific promotions by restricting discounts to specific Promo Codes. With the ability to stack multiple concurrent discounts and set discounts based on invoice totals, our enhanced features bring unparalleled flexibility to your billing process.

Fixed Term Products: Simplifying Product Lifecycle Management

LogiSense's Fixed Term feature is designed to simplify the management of products with pre-defined lifespans. This powerful feature eliminates manual processes and offers hassle-free cancellation or automatic renewal based on contract expiration, saving time and reducing errors.

With Fixed Term Products, businesses can streamline their product lifecycle management for optimal efficiency and customer experience.

Key features of Fixed Term Products include:

  1. Contract Expiry Options: Choose how to handle product contracts upon expiration. Maintain the current behavior where the account is no longer under contract, or automate the cancellation of the product once the contract is completed, providing ultimate flexibility.
  2. Auto-Renewal: Never miss a beat with our auto-renewal feature. When a contract expires, a new instance of the contract is automatically created, ensuring a seamless continuation of service without any manual intervention.

Anniversary Billing: Revolutionizing Product Billing for IoT Customers

This new feature addresses a critical need in the IoT industry. Anniversary Billing empowers businesses to bill their products based on the recurrence from the day of signing, allowing for immediate revenue capture without the need to prorate or synchronize with an account's billing cycle when it's not required.

IoT customers often face challenges aligning product billing with their account's billing cycle. Traditional methods may not accommodate the specific recurrence requirements of these customers, leading to manual interventions and potential errors. Traditionally, if a bill day is the 1st of the month, and a customer makes a purchase on the 15th, the billing approach would be either to wait until the next 1st of the month to bill, or to prorate the first portion of the charge and then continue only to bill on the 1st of the month. In contrast, the Anniversary Billing feature allows full, unchanged billing on the 15th of every month, despite the customer's original bill day.

By implementing this automated, flexible and customizable feature, LogiSense saves time and eliminates errors in your billing process while enabling immediate revenue capture.

Service Transitions Limit: Unlocking Unmatched Flexibility in IoT Billing

LogiSense has enhanced our Service Transition charges to address the unique needs of accounts with services that frequently change states and have contract limits on transition charges per billing period. This innovative feature sets us apart as the leader in the industry, offering unmatched flexibility and cost savings to IoT customers.

With our Service Transitions Limit feature, you can now set a specific limit to the number of times a transition will be charged within a billing period to adapt to the specifics of your contract requirements. This empowers you to optimize your billing practices and save costs where applicable. The limit can be easily set in the Catalog per Frequency, and the configurable amount still allows for effortless adaptation to your unique billing needs. Say goodbye to unnecessary charges for state changes and embrace a streamlined billing process that aligns perfectly with your contract commitments.

Share Plan Inclusion Overrides: Tailor Your Share Plans to Fit Your Business Needs

Introducing the Share Plan Inclusion Overrides feature, allowing businesses to tailor their pricing and sharing plans with ease. We recognize that maintaining a compact Catalog and providing customization at lower levels is vital for efficient billing operations. With Share Plan Inclusion Overrides, businesses can now achieve the same level of flexibility for recurring Share Plan inclusions, both Fixed and Variable. This enhancement enables the overriding of contributing amounts, participating amounts (set per service per Share Plan), and flat charges, applicable to both Usage and Money Share Plans.

With Share Plan Inclusion Overrides, businesses can streamline billing and adapt to evolving customer needs effortlessly. Customize your Share Plans directly at the ASP level, ensuring optimal efficiency and responsiveness to your unique requirements. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and embrace tailored solutions that drive customer satisfaction and business success.

Tax Inclusive Services and Usage: Simplify Pricing and Ensure Tax Compliance

The Tax Inclusive Services and Usage update is designed to help businesses comply with legal requirements and simplify their pricing strategies. With this new capability, you can now effortlessly set pricing post-tax and have the tax and pre-tax amounts automatically calculated. By automatically including tax in your pricing, you maintain legal compliance and streamline your billing process, avoiding manual calculations and ensuring accuracy.

This feature maintains one unified pricing approach by setting post-tax prices and allowing the system to calculate pre-tax amounts for greater efficiency and accuracy. By adapting your pricing strategies to meet the unique and evolving requirements of international markets, your business can expand its market reach and tap into new opportunities.

SSO - SAML 2.0: Streamline User Management with Single Sign-On

The SSO - SAML 2.0 update is designed to simplify user management and enhance security. By integrating with established Identity Providers like Azure Active Directory and Okta, our Single Sign-On feature allows for seamless user access and centralized user maintenance. With SSO - SAML 2.0, you can streamline your LogiSense Billing journey by eliminating the need for separate credentials and minimizing password fatigue.

This offers effortless logins, allowing users to access LogiSense Billing through their Identity Provider. This eliminates the need for users to remember multiple sets of credentials. New users can be easily added, updated, disabled, or deleted in the Identity Provider, with these changes automatically reflected in LogiSense Billing. This automation eliminates the need for manual user management, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Audit Logging: Unlock Insights Into Your System's Operations

This new feature provides greater visibility and control over your system's operations. With Audit Logging, you can now effortlessly review and track changes made to data within the system, eliminating the mystery of past actions and reducing the need for support intervention.

Audit Logging delivers valuable benefits to empower your business:

  • Enhanced Data Transparency: Track user actions and changes made to your data to gain valuable insights into your system's operations and ensure accountability.
  • Increased Efficiency: Independently review and track changes made to your data, eliminating the need for support assistance and saving time and resources.
  • Adherence to Data Regulations: Securely store and archive audit logs while maintaining the ability to obfuscate sensitive information to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

At LogiSense, our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition. With our latest updates, we are excited to deliver enhanced capabilities, improved efficiency, and seamless experiences. We invite you to explore these new features and experience the value they bring to your business.

Connect with our team today to experience the future of billing with LogiSense. Let's shape the billing landscape together!