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Enhancing Customer Experience with new Spring/2021 Product Features

Cambridge, Canada, MAY 18, 2021

Spring 2021 Platform Updates

At LogiSense, we focus on building the best billing platform for B2B SaaS, IoT, and Communications industries. We understand how crucial providing a positive customer experience is for you. Today we are excited to introduce updates to our product which were made with the customer experience in mind.

Self-Serve Customer Portal

Invoicing is an important touchpoint for delivering a positive customer experience as this is your opportunity to ensure your customers have all the relevant data they may require. We have spoken at length about how important it is to provide customers with detailed information about their invoiced items and how it plays a role in improving customer experience.

So we put our money where our mouth is when we launched the Customer Self Serve Portal. The new portal provides your customers access to their product information, invoices, usage, and billing data, providing them transparency and clarity. Using this new self-serve portal, your customers will also have the ability to view, and pay, their bills online.

Apart from allowing customers to configure their payment methods and download metered usage data, you also can brand your customer portal for a consistent experience.

Sales Orders

Sales orders, allow you to add and process orders to our system either directly or by using third-party apps like NetSuite and Salesforce, or through an API. With LogiSense billing, you can now personalize customer orders and process them through our system.

Invoice/Credit Note Template Preview

With LogiSense billing, you can design your invoice layouts to match your brand. This new update not only makes invoices look however you want, and present clear understandable charges but also allows you to preview the sample data without needing to execute a bill run. You can re-render the invoice for an account in case there is an error and resend it to the customer. This update provides you with greater flexibility in the look and feel of your invoices.

Allocation Threshold Events on Percent Used

We updated our threshold event notifications to fire a notification not just when the customer exceeds a set threshold, but also when they are nearing the usage limit. Depending on your requirement you can configure a templated email notification for the customer, or listen to a triggered webhook event to perform custom processing.

This new feature provides you the flexibility to add one or more notifications to an allowance allocation. You can set the percentage threshold that once reached, a notification is automatically sent. A good example is letting someone know when 80% of their paid-for allocation has been reached so that they know they are nearing the end of their usage allowance, and they need to top up their allowance or upgrade their package. Your sales team can use this as an upsell tool if they notice certain customers regularly exceeding their allowance allocation and reach out to them with an offer for an upgrade.

Billing Exception Improvements

We have made some improvements to scheduling bill runs to enhance back-office automation for recurring bill runs. This update also includes improvements to billing exception handling, which will provide better tools to your billing department to track and update billing exceptions so that no revenue is left on the table.

Billing Activation Rules

Another improvement that many IoT businesses will welcome is the new updates in billing activation rules, allowing businesses to activate usage-based charging either based on elapsed time or data used. This new change provides greater billing and pricing flexibility.

Interested in learning more about LogiSense billing? Talk to a B2B SaaS billing expert at LogiSense to learn how we can help streamline your billing operations and improve your customer experience using your services.

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