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Need A Billing Partner To Power Your Complex Usage Pricing?

Did You Know That Cisco Replaced Zuora With LogiSense?

The LogiSense solution enabled the Cisco team to be self-reliant, allowing them to build integrations with minimal assistance and no longer has to manually process usage related charges.

If you offer it,
you can bill for it.

When you switch to LogiSense you get the freedom to introduce innovative usage based pricing models at scale, on demand.

Usage, Consumption and Mediation

LogiSense's industry-leading usage and rating engine lets you automate consumption-based billing with ease.
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Personalized Usage Pooling/Sharing

Pool usage across multiple services or accounts for the most flexible consumption draw-down pricing models.
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Advanced Usage Based Taxing

Ensure you are compliant with all you usage taxation needs with down to the usage event taxation granularity.
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Designed For IoT Scale

Aggregate, Price and charge billions of events with a system designed to keep up with the demands of IoT billing.
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Real-Time Usage Visibility & Reporting

Gain insights on how much has been consumed per service for ultimate transparency for your customers.
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The verdict is in. See what LogiSense customers are saying.

"One of the best billing solutions"
Craig H
"Highly recommended!"
Tausha T
"If you want a proven, reliable, quick to adapt and continually evolving platform then this is the platform for you."
Darren C
"The company is professional, responsive and flexible...we are very satisfied."
Nanouchka D
"Offers a wide variety of features to help businesses automate"
Pablo P
"It's met our needs for years and their support team has been very helpful"
James Y