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Your business needs to push the boundaries of what is possible. LogiSense offers the most advanced usage-based billing integration for Salesforce Billing.

Is DigitalRoute hampering your ability to reach new customers and provide real-time visibility into billing? Top enterprises choose LogiSense for full control over usage-based billing with our leading-edge, real-time technology.

Automate, improve, simplify – with LogiSense.

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A Growing force in Salesforce Billing

Empower your sales teams with a real-time view into your customers' unique usage behaviors, surfaced right within Salesforce. The LogiSense Usage Dashboard for Salesforce increases data visibility so your team can make informed client decisions and take actionable steps to increase revenue and build relationships. It’s the missing piece companies need to drastically increase their profits on recurring billing models.

Upsell Opportunities

Give your team real-time visibility into upsell opportunities across your most important accounts in Salesforce.

Revenue Leakage/Loss

Identify and seal any areas where you're leaking revenue by analyzing usage behavior and events that aren't being billed.

Salesforce Usage Dashboard

LogiSense Advanced Usage and Data Transformation for Salesforce provides usage, rating and mediation capabilities, to extend the reach of Salesforce.

Billing technology that works with you

Are you looking for an alternative to DigitalRoute when it comes to billing software? LogiSense Billing is built to integrate seamlessly with any setup and offer unbeatable deployment speeds and reliability. Is DigitalRoute holding you back? We believe in propelling companies forward.

Transform Your Business

You know your offerings better than anyone. So why aren't you billing for everything your customers use? Use LogiSense's data to transform how your customers see your business. Show value clearly and bill customers transparently.

Customer Billing Portal
Contract Enforcement
Reduced Support Calls
Automated Billing Process
Dunning Rules and Collection
Eliminate Human Error
Business Process Integration
Integrated Payment Processing

Leaving DigitalRoute?
We can make the move effortless.

Let us show you how LogiSense can upgrade your billing processes, improve revenue, and empower your customers.

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