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How To Monetize The IOT-SAAS Revolution


The economic template that the world has used for the past hundred years is eroding. A new paradigm is in play, anchored on global interconnectivity. It’s estimated that by 2025, IoT-SaaS business will generate between $3.9 and $11.1 trillion per year.

But how do you monetize the coming wave? Do it improperly and you risk missing out on what could be one of the biggest economic booms in history.

That's why LogiSense has put together this e-book on how to monetize the IoT-SaaS revolution. Learn about the vital importance of this shift from best-selling economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin. Find out how to select the monetization model right for you and discover why usage-based pricing may be the ideal solution for a remade international financial system.


  1. IoT monetization models – The benefits and pitfalls of each mode of monetization, including subscription, outcome-based, service, asset-sharing, and usage-based.
  2. SaaS pricing strategies – How to select and test the pricing strategy that works best for you, including cost-based, competition-based, value-based, and usage-based. Plus, the ins and outs of major SaaS monetization models, including flat rate, tiered, per-user, freemium, and usage-based.
  3. Usage-based pricing – Key considerations when implementing or converting to usage-based pricing, including overages, forecasting, and the importance of selecting the right model.

Learn how to maximize IoT-SaaS monetization today

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