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Beyond GoTransverse

Your business needs agile billing technology that meets the demands of modern business. LogiSense offers the most advanced billing platform in the world.

Get billing tech that can match your ambitions. Major companies chose LogiSense for better control over usage-based billing and greater leading-edge technology.

Is GoTransverse agile enough to meet your business's needs? Automate, improve, simplify – with LogiSense.

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Unmatched Service and Support

LogiSense is built on understanding clients’ needs and creating a platform that helps achieve them. Enjoy dedicated client and technical support for our visionary billing technology every step of the way.

Always Evolving to match a changing economy

Business is changing – billing platforms must change too. We believe billing should be more open and that businesses who respect their customers will win greater loyalty and stronger revenue. Our platform is always growing to allow companies greater flexibility in billing and greater clarity with their customers. Is GoTransverse holding you back? We believe in propelling companies forward.

Transform Your Business

You know your offerings better than anyone. So why aren't you billing for everything your customers use? Use LogiSense's data to transform how your customers see your business. Show value clearly and bill customers transparently.

Customer Billing Portal
Contract Enforcement
Reduced Support Calls
Automated Billing Process
Dunning Rules and Collection
Eliminate Human Error
Business Process Integration
Integrated Payment Processing

Leaving GoTransverse?
We can make the move effortless.

Let us show you how LogiSense can upgrade your billing processes, improve revenue and empower your customers.

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