Modern day Telecommunications is encountering deep changes into the fundamental aspects of its industry, its technologies and the way the business of telecoms performs. The influx of new technologies and high customer demands is shaping the future of telecoms and substantially increasing the complexities facing communications service providers (CSPs):

  • Complicated or disparate systems are increasing the risk of churn and threatening the customer experience.
  • Costly customizations resulting from some of today’s solutions are taking months or years to implement.
  • Lost revenues from the inability to quickly rollout new service offerings and support new and emerging payment methods.

However, these changes present new opportunity to today’s savvy service providers. Preparing for, addressing and utilizing these changes contribute to new forms of revenue and a service provider’s future success.

Modern Solutions for Modern Telecoms

EngageIP Telecom Billing is a carrier-grade solution designed to allow CSPs to collect consumption data, provide flexible real-time charging, rating and billing, produce customizable invoices, process payments/credits/discounts, manage debt collection, and more. With LogiSense, service providers are empowered to take control of their service offerings—enabling them to proactively perform with agility and accuracy all while remaining relevant and vital in a time when the consumer dictates usage.

Other EngageIP Usage Rating & Billing Solutions

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