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For today’s digital world, most billing systems don’t provide the freedom Service Providers need to deliver flexible billing options. Customers want billing options tailored for the actual amount of services they use or specialized billing options other than what a simple flat rate billing system can provide.

Not only does this leave Service Providers not meeting customers’ expectations and left behind the competition, it also means they aren’t maximizing revenue opportunities from monetizing services.

LogiSense is recognized for enabling the Usage Economy®, a dynamic convergence of subscription-based and usage-based billing models, for Service Providers to monetize in real-time any triggered event in the connected world that allows them to gain significant competitive advantages and meet customer expectations.


To empower our customers to take control of their service offerings – enabling them to proactively perform with agility and accuracy, remaining relevant and vital in a time when the consumer dictates usage.


We accelerate business growth for UCaaS, Telecom, Enterprise and the Internet of Things marketplace. Since our inception in 1998, we have evolved into one of the leading real-time usage rating and subscription billing solutions providers.

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Deriving Value from the IoT
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