EngageIP usage rating & billing platform

EngageIP by LogiSense enables service providers, whether connecting users, devices, systems or machines, to realize competitive market advantages and maximize market efficiency with today’s most flexible real-time usage rating and billing platform.


  • Maximize Monetization by creating services that meet market demand with seamless and open access rating, charging and billing capabilities for any service, any medium and any provider of real-time network services
  • Eliminate Complexity with straight-forward, streamlined, fully-automated and seamlessly integrated solutions that break down the barriers of back office complexity—making it simple to quickly and easily create and deploy the personalized services your customers need
  • Act with the Agility that allows service providers to customize the solution selections for either an end-to-end/quote-to-cash model or to select components that best meet your business needs
  • Edge Out the Competition based less on what services you currently offer and more about what combinations of services you can imagine, bundle, tier and cross promote in ways that consumers demand

Whether it’s best-of-breed or best-of-suite, the highly extensible nature of the LogiSense solutions ensures ease of integration and streamlined performance—backed by personalized and professional support

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We live in a consumer driven market. If a company cannot create and deploy services that meet consumer demand they will become obsolete. Without a solution like EngageIP, the best idea remains merely a notion. Our customers take charge of their service offering, enabling them to remain relevant in a time when the consumer dictates how, when, where and what they want.
Flavio Gomes, CEO at LogiSense