Leveraging the Power of the IoT to Maximize Revenue

There is tremendous growth happening in the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace as companies are searching for new and innovative means to grow their business. Many companies are shifting their focus from product only offerings to digital offerings that allow them to provide service-based solutions with flexible pricing models to create recurring revenues.

This shift in how companies do business is creating a need for an advanced subscription billing, usage rating and revenue management solution that has the capability to generate recurring revenues with:

  • Agility to manage a multitude of pricing models
  • Flexibility to quickly launch products to market
  • Scalability to handle millions of transactions from numerous devices today, and the ability to grow to manage even more in the future

Dynamic Pricing Models for Any Digital Event

LogiSense enables any type of service provider to monetize in real time any triggered event in the digital world by dynamically converging subscription and usage-based revenue models. So whether you are providing asset tracking, fleet management, connected cars, smart agriculture, smart city, manufacturing, usage-based insurance or any other application, you can create the pricing model that best suits your unique business, giving your customers the control and value they desire.

Successfully monetizing for the IoT allows a provider to differentiate its pricing, and enhance its ecosystems and partnerships through:

  • Recurring billing
  • Discounts on products/usage
  • Bundle services and pooled usage
  • Trial periods and terms
  • Personalization of usage
  • Billing on Behalf / Billing as a Service for partner enablement
  • Integration with MDM/OSS platforms to better manage devices, control fraud, and mitigate revenue leakage

Maximize the Benefits of Recurring Revenue

In today’s competitive and customer focused environment it is critical to provide a reliable, seamless and fair way to pay for all types of digital services and content. Whether you elect to engage subscription, usage, pooling, service bundling, tiering, flat rate, volume based, prepaid, postpaid, or any other business model of your liking - LogiSense EngageIP provides the flexibility for you to choose. The LogiSense platform seamlessly integrates with third-party back office and ERP systems so you can ensure financial integrity and control as you shift from one model to another.

Flexibility to Launch Products Quickly

At LogiSense, we help you provide your customers with what they want, when they want it. Legacy billing and revenue management systems don’t have the ability to keep pace with today’s digital services. Execute on your latest new offerings quickly in order to get to market before the competition.

Scalability - Managing Complexity through Automation

With the IoT, service providers need to process millions of transactions across an enormous number of devices. In order to get any type of margins from these tremendous volumes, automation with the scalability for future growth is the key.

Innovative IoT Billing with LogiSense EngageIP

The ability to accommodate and monetize in this rapidly growing market will depend on a service provider’s ability to support dynamic pricing models and a digital subscriber experience with the right back-office support system.

We understand that the transition from legacy systems and pricing plans can be a challenge. The LogiSense EngageIP platform works either as a full standalone rating, billing and revenue management system or as an adjunct system within your existing BSS. We provide the tools and methodologies for you to recognize revenue faster and succeed in the world of IoT.

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