The modern marketplace

Today’s modern marketplace accommodates a dense variety of industries that continue to grow daily. The introduction of advanced technologies into these industries can be a slow but inevitable process. The industry players advancing the fastest are those innovating and improving their entire systems- an appropriate step towards long-term future success. Companies requiring up-to-date, efficient and agile back office systems are increasing as the risks of complex, outdated systems become realized.

  • Innovation is Key - LogiSense combats these risks by offering a level of flexibility that allows clients to customize their solution selection for either an end-to-end/quote-to-cash model or to select components that best address their specific requirements.
  • Versatililty - whether it’s best-of-breed or best-of-suite, the highly extensible nature of the LogiSense solutions ensure ease of integration and streamlined performance—backed by personalized and professional support.

Streamlined, fully-automated & seamlessly integrated

Real-time usage rating, monetization and subscriber management doesn’t have to be complicated. LogiSense’s straight-forward, streamlined, fully-automated and seamlessly integrated solutions break down the barriers of back office complexity—making it simple to quickly and easily create and deploy the personalized services your customers need.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Flexibility, scale and automation designed to provide a high value solution that protects margins and grows revenue in a world where ARPUs are low.


Carrier-grade and designed for CSPs to collect consumption data, provide flexible real-time charging, rating and billing, customizable invoices, and manage debt collection.


Bill for hosted services and manage the entire billing/rating/invoicing for all services offered by the wholesale provider - creating additional sources of revenue.