Enterprises are working in highly complex environments and matrixed ecosystems of consumers and providers realize the need for solutions that meter, monitor and monetize all transactions of all kinds.

Simplifying Complex Environments

Today’s smart enterprises are working towards increasingly agile business models, where new service offerings and options can be easily developed and implemented- very much aligned with the consumer demands for the newest and best services.

Transforming a traditional enterprise business model into a model capable of handling these changes can be complex, expensive and inefficient. LogiSense offers a solution focused on empowering enterprises to monetize in the Usage Economy, the digital ecosystem in which we are evolving.

EngageIP Enterprise Rating & Billing

EngageIP from LogiSense offers unprecedented advantage to essentially any industry or any enterprise by eliminating back office complexity- providing complete agility in usage rating, monetization and subscriber management. With LogiSense, companies are empowered to take control of their service offerings, thus clearing the path to new revenues.

Other EngageIP Usage Rating & Billing Solutions

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