Converged Usage Rating & Billing Solution

Provide flexible, rating and billing for all voice, data, and content services

In today's complex and dynamic business environment service providers and operators are focused on maximizing customer lifetime value, bringing high-margin products and services to market quickly, controlling the cost of service delivery, and gaining optimal visibility and control of captured revenues.

Service providers and operators are demanding solutions that can quickly support current and future services, product offerings, and business models, and that leverage the entire subscriber base while delivering proven and measurable business value every step of the way.

The EngageIP Converged Billing Solution is designed to allow Communication Service Providers (CSP) improve operational efficiency, while delivering high-quality customer service in today's competitive marketplace.

  • Build a single charging and billing system that is flexible, integrated, and converged
  • Increase revenues through innovative business and monetization models
  • Utilize a single billing architecture to support all your prepaid-postpaid services

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk of error across multiple, complex, confusing systems
  • Preserve revenue streams and increase likelihood for upsell/cross sell opportunities with increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduce churn by reducing customer wait time and frustration
  • Quickly turn up new products that reduces your “time to cash”
  • Manage OPEX investments and costly implementation time by investing in a platform that grows and scales with your business
  • Reduce risk of revenue leakage and fraud with a powerful and precise engine
  • Increase the maximum lifetime value of customers by creating highly personalized service offerings
  • Capitalize on vertical and adjacent market opportunities with a solution that is application/industry agnostic
  • Real-time usage rating engine supports prepaid-postpaid service offering convergence on a single platform
  • With real-time usage based billing – transaction transparency increases customer loyalty while reducing support instances

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