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Monetizing the Usage Economy

In today's digital world, flat rate or subscription billing systems can leave customers feeling cheated and frustrated - either because they've paid for more than they need, or because they want better or more specialized services than what a simple flat rate system can provide. Many companies are leaving money on the table by not having the usage rating and billing flexibility necessary to maximize their business.

LogiSense believes we've entered the Usage Economy®, a dynamic convergence of subscription-based and usage-based billing models, in which service providers who can monetize in real-time any triggered event in the connected world will gain significant competitive advantages.


LogiSense prides itself not only on award-winning technology, but also on the talent of its people. The company is thriving under the guidance of its leadership team.

Flavio Gomes, CEO

Flavio Gomes

Founder & CEO
Rob Payne, CTO

Rob Payne

Tom Gross, Director of Engineering

Tom Gross

VP of Engineering
Christine Portwood - Director of Human Resources

Christine Portwood

VP of Human Resources
Ryan Susanna - VP of Sales

Ryan Susanna

VP of Sales
Todd Conroy, VP of Customer Experience

Todd Conroy

VP of Customer Experience
Ricky Gill, Director of Marketing & Product Management

Ricky Gill

Director of Marketing & Product Management
Rich Kozub, Director of Client Services

Rich Kozub

Director of Client Services
Chris Brown - Director of Solutions

Chris Brown

Director of Solutions
Carrie McNabb, Director of Finance

Carrie McNabb

Director of Finance

Our Customers are Our Partners

At LogiSense, we believe that keeping our customers over the long term is the most important thing we do. We place a high value on customer service and providing products and support that empower our customers to succeed.

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mission & values

  • 1
    Eliminate Complexity

    With transformed technology that supports back office simplicity

  • 2
    Maximize Monetization

    In a consumer driven market it is critical to create services that meet market demand

  • 3
    Revolutionize Your Business

    With LogiSense as a trusted ally

  • 4
    Act With Agility

    Businesses require solutions that perform with extensibility and speed