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Transforming the Business of Telecommunications

Today’s Telecom market is changing, advancing and merging into the telecom market of the future. The influx of new technologies and demands shaping telecoms substantially increases the complex requirements facing Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

As the Telecom market evolves, the challenges with complicated telecom billing systems and the lack of integration with other systems and tools will keep some service providers from meeting the increasing demands of their subscribers, rolling out new services in a timely manner and losing their competitive edge.

The LogiSense usage rating and subscription billing platform is a carrier-grade solution available in the cloud or hosted in your own data center. The LogiSense solution allows today’s service providers to go to market quickly with next generation services, tiering, volumes and bundling that subscribers demand.

Eliminate Complexity to Deliver Differentiated Services

Providers must be prepared to accommodate for all of the needs of the future with the agility and flexibility to go to market quickly with new products and services, unique bundles, and accurate rating for any service, medium or provider.

The LogiSense solution is designed to allow CSPs to collect consumption data, provide flexible real-time rating, charging and billing, produce customizable invoices, process payments/credits/discounts, manage debt collection, and more. Meeting the challenges of complex provisioning processes via its multi-directional sync tools for provisioning to industry leading soft-switches and/or custom feeds, LogiSense ensures that your billing system is always in-sync with your users.

Maximize Revenues

LogiSense provides complete agility in usage rating, monetization and subscriber management for today’s digital economy. The real-time rating, charging and billing capabilities from LogiSense enables service providers to monetize any service or subscription, over any medium and from any provider.

LogiSense leads the charge in revolutionizing the way companies do business—converting cost centers into revenue generating units.

  • Out-of-the-box solution – allows for a rapid deployment of services 
  • Fast time to revenue – with rapid introduction of new services
  • Online Self-serve care – provides view of account, usage, packages, services and account hierarchy in real-time 
  • Scalable – to manage an enormous number of Transactions 
  • Catalog management – supports various pricing strategies such as: per device, pooled device, shared device, prepaid, pre-active device usage, segmentation, tiered pricing, discounts, trial periods – to name a few 
  • Fully integrated converged platform – enables you to utilize a single billing architecture to support all your prepaid-postpaid services
  • Easy Integration – with an open API infrastructure to automate the entire customer lifecycle from onboarding to subscription renewals and upsell

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