Capture Recurring Revenues in the Smart Home Industry

Innovative Billing for the Connected Home

Driven by growing customer demand for increased convenience, the Smart Home industry is expanding into a highly lucrative market. Home security, energy conservation, and technologically enhanced everyday products are just a few of the areas that many service providers, startups and retailers are competing for their share of the market.

Smart Home retailers are now looking at business models that take advantage of IoT connectivity to directly interface with customers. Businesses are enabled to make personalized product recommendations based on how the customers are using the products, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

From a monetization standpoint, there are many business models to consider – from Connected Hardware, Product-as-a-Service, Pay-as-you-go, and rewards based programs – all of which need to be tied to the value the product brings to the market.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution

One Time Charges

Connected Premium

Recurring Subscription

Home Monitoring

Recurring Subscription & Usage

Appliances “as-a-Service”

Automate, Optimize, and Simplify your Smart Home Business Models

LogiSense is leading the way to solving the most complex monetization requirements of the connected economy. Through the LogiSense usage rating and billing capabilities, Smart Home solution providers can automate process steps, optimize revenue, and simplify the complexities of current and next generation services.

Key Attributes:

  • Fast time to revenue with rapid introduction of new smart home services 
  • Self-serve care allows customers to self-monitor household usage, receive service level alerts, compare offers and better manage costs 
  • Flexible business models including support for postpaid, prepaid, one-time and recurring subscriptions, as well as consumption based billing models 
  • Converged billing for service providers looking to bundle Smart Home services into their multi-play portfolio and provide bundled solutions at an affordable price point 
  • Ecosystem enablement integrates capabilities from several players including service providers, retailers, manufacturers and developers to produce a single consolidated invoice, customer service, and revenue management outcome 
  • Smart home usage with real time usage rating and charging to gain a better understanding of smart home devices and usage a patterns, reconcile or pass on charges with 3rd parties or charge customers directly based on how they consume the service


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