Regional Settings

Regional Settings can be set up at the tenant level. The following regional settings can be configured in the system:

  • List of countries to be added
  • List of provinces or states per country
  • List of cities per province or state

Country Settings

Countries and provinces/states can only be selected from a predefined dropdown containing a global list of all countries and states. The list of cities is also pre-populated, but the user will be allowed to define new cities as and when required.

Screen Shot

Addresses can be associated with contacts and companies. The information entered when setting up companies and contacts can only use countries, cities and states that have been set up via the regional settings.

Time Zones

All dates and times in the system are stored in UTC. Client facing operations such as the scheduling of Bill Run’s can be configured in client time. While creating new users, a time zone can be specified. The interface will honor the time zone associated with the user for date time operations when that user logs in.