LogiSense Billing 10.2.1 Release Notes

Last Updated: Tue Nov 30 2021

Within these release notes you will find descriptions of new features, enhancements and API changes in the LogiSense Billing application. The content below details changes in major release versions, point release versions and hotfixes. If you have any questions about the information provided below please do not hesitate to contact your LogiSense support representative.

10.2.1 Release Notes

Change Highlights

Payment Gateway Integration:

  • Credit card and ACH payment processing is now supported through the following payment gateways: Adyen, Authorize.Net, Elavon, Vantiv eCommerce and WorldPay

  • Payment gateways can be added, enabled and disabled from the Setup / Owners / Payment Gateways screen

  • Offline payment types can be added under the Setup / Owner Configuration / Payment Types tab. Online payment types supported by payment gateways will be automatically populated on the payment types screen when a payment gateway is added

  • General Ledger codes can be set on Payment Types

  • Payment methods can be added to invoicer accounts on the Account / Overview / Payment Methods screen. The default payment method can be configured to either allow or disallow automatic payment (Auto Pay)

  • Payment collection can be automated using the new Bill Run 'Collect Payments' setting or manually processed on from the Account / Billing / Payment screen

  • One time payments can be made on an account using credit card/ACH details which are not setup on the account as a payment method

  • Payments can be reversed through the payment gateway

NetSuite Integration:

  • Allows Sales Orders and Accounts created in NetSuite to be passed in to LogiSense Billing and kept in sync

  • Sales Orders can be billed and invoiced separately from billing and invoicing other account charges

  • Payments can be processed for order invoices, separate from payments applied to the account

  • Sales Orders are displayed on accounts under the Account / Profile / Orders screen

  • Sales Orders in the UI are read only, orders are added/updated via API

  • Invoice tokens have been added to allow order details to be presented on invoices

  • Added a new 'Shipping' Contact Type which orders can be shipped to instead of using the billing contact's address. Adding multiple shipping contacts on an account is also supported

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Improved performance, invoicing, rendering and downloading invoices

  • Error handling and messaging improvements

  • Modified the Detail value populated for invoiced items to provide more information on the charge/refund that was added

  • Added the ability to delete credit notes so long as they have not been delivered

  • Modified the Credits and Transactions screens on invoicer accounts to display credits and transactions for accounts which invoice charges to the invoicer. Transactions in a different currency than the invoicer's currency will now display both the original currency amount and the amount converted to the invoicer account's currency

  • Modified the void invoice confirmation prompt to show the invoice name instead of the invoice ID

  • Modified invoicing behavior so that manually added credits issued to invoices/credit notes which are not set to auto-disburse do not impact the invoice balance

  • Fixed an issue where a credit attached to an invoice would be removed from the account after voiding the invoice

  • Modified automatic disbursement behavior to apply credits that are set to auto-disburse to newly created invoices on accounts, adjusting the invoice balance. Payments set to auto-disburse will also apply to the invoice after credits have been applied

  • Modified optional services so that the service's effective date can be modified with some restrictions. The service effective date cannot be set earlier than the account package effective date, it cannot be changed if the account service is cancelled and it cannot be changed once the optional service has been billed

  • Fixed an issue where the usage identifier value on a service was not persisted when the service transitioned into another status

  • Modified price plans so that they can be added to child accounts

  • Added the following core reports:

    • Account List - Returns a summary of all accounts in the system

    • Invoice Detail - Returns data on all invoice items for a given invoice

    • Invoice Summary - Returns a high level overview of Invoices in the system

    • Invoice Usage - Returns aggregate usage data on all invoice items for a given invoice

    • Payment Details - Returns a summary of all payments made by accounts, including both payments processed through a gateway and those simply recorded on an account

    • UDR History - Returns detailed data on rated and mediated usage records in the system

    • Daily Aggregated Usage - Returns usage data aggregated by day, account service, and usage class

    • Package Sales - Returns details on all account packages purchased by an account

    • Service Sales - Returns details on all account services purchased by an account

    • Taxes Payable - Returns a detailed list of tax amounts generated by an invoice

  • Added the ability to embed report data into invoices and credit notes

  • Added a new tab called 'Schedule' to Reports which allows a scheduled report to be setup, modified or suspended

  • Added report filters which can be used to control the data populated in reports. Filtered reports can be run on a schedule and can also be setup so that the user is prompted for a filter value before generating the report (e.g. prompted to enter an account name or ID)

  • Modified the Bill Run Collection Types list to display 'Invoice Balance' instead of 'Invoice Due Date' and removed the 'Payment Day' option

  • Removed price configuration fields on multiple screens for service statuses that are configured as non-billable statuses

  • Renamed the Service Type Base Type MRC to 'Recurring Charge' and Base Type NRC to 'Non-recurring Charge'

  • Removed Base Type 'Other' from the Service Type configuration

  • Renamed the 'One Time' tab to 'Transitions' on Package and Price Plan screens

  • Added a new 'One Time' tab to the Package Frequency screen which appears when the package contains a service of type 'Non-recurring Charge'. One time charges setup on packages are only billed once, when the service has reached/past its effective date

  • Added a new package type called Global Add-On packages. Add-On packages can be used to add additional services to standard packages which have been setup with the 'Add-on eligible' setting enabled in the product catalog

  • Updated navicons to be displayed in the link colour when the icon is hyperlinking to a screen/url

  • Added a 'Tax Usage Only' setting to the tax codes screen. When this setting is enabled the tax code will only be used to apply taxes to usage charges

  • Removed the ability to configure usage billing frequencies of 'Once', 'Minute' and 'Hour'

  • Modified markup rates on rate groups screen to display a '%' symbol instead of a '$' symbol

  • Added a 'Pass Through Rating' feature on Rate Groups. Usage records that apply to the pass through rate group will come in rated from another system and will be bucketed, taxed and billed as normal

  • Removed the option to set a rate plan on a bucket tier

  • Added the ability to auto-disburse credits and payments when they are added by a data import

  • Added the ability to data import non-recurring services into packages in the product catalog and into account-packages

  • Added the ability to data import share plans that are configured with package level participation

  • Added an ‘API Version’ field on the Data Profile screen to indicate the version of the profile

  • Added an Upgrade Data Profile feature on the Data Profiles screen. This action will convert an existing data profile to the latest API version and allow you to save it as a separate profile

  • Fixed an issue where exceptions would not be returned when attempting to data import a multi-layout.csv file which contained malformed data

  • Fixed an issue where the order of the source fields could be altered on a data profile when exporting the data profile and then importing it to another environment

  • Fixed an issue where data importing a contact without a Address2 value resulted in an error

  • Modified data profiles so that if they do not use the latest API version they will be locked down (read-only with the export option disabled)

  • Added a 'Duplicate Count' field to the Data Import History screen

  • Added the following payment related invoice tokens:

    • Payment Total - Total of all payments on the invoice

    • Payment Amount - For a given payment record, the amount that was submitted

    • Payment Type - How the payment was made (Credit Card or ACH)

    • Card Type - For Credit Card payment types, the Card Type (Visa, Mastercard) that was used

    • Payment Base Type

    • Posting Date - Posting date of the payment

    • Payment Detail - The detail field of the payment

    • Payment Date - Date of the Payment

    • isManual - Whether the payment was processed through the payment gateway or recorded

  • Added the ability to present custom field data in invoices using custom field tokens. Custom field values populated on account-packages, account-services, packages and services can now be exposed on invoices

  • Added the ability to post the period start and period end dates of service transition fees on invoices using existing start and end date tokens

  • Added new invoice tokens to display TotalWithoutTax, TotalTax and TotalWithTax values for services based on their base or user defined service types

  • Added invoice tokens that allow taxes to be displayed in aggregate based on a specific tax category

  • Added a new invoice token: invoice.isFirstInvoice. It is true if it is the first invoice for the invoicer account (excluding voided invoices), otherwise it will be false

  • Added new token contexts for events called 'Payments', permitting payment details (e.g. successful payment processing, unsuccessful payment processing) to be provided using Webhooks or sent to system users by email

  • Added JSON Web Tokens OAuth 2.0 support for Webhooks

  • Salesforce integration improvements (App Version v1.12):

    • Additional usage bucket details

    • Share plan details on opportunity product

    • Shared contact support

    • API calls upgraded to v2

    • Catalog import improvements

    • Email notifications when data and catalog sync completes

    • Support for mixing currencies within account (parent/child) hierarchies and invoice recipients

API Changes

See the LogiSense Billing Version 3 APIs documentation for details.

10.2.1-Hotfix.1 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue which could cause report generation failures

10.2.1-Patch.1 Release Notes

  • Modified the account balance to exclude calculating credits that have been reversed

  • Fixed an issue which could cause long load times when accessing the Account Packages screen

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 10.2.1 which caused credit auto-disbursement to apply to the next period's invoice instead of the oldest invoice with a balance

  • Modified billing behavior to proceed with invoicing accounts in scenarios were taxing remains incomplete on accounts in order to prevent billing from being blocked

  • Fixed an issue where a monthly proration charge was applicable when an account-package was added on the same date that it was configured to become effective

  • Modified price plans so that product codes will not appear on child accounts when the child account's currency doesn't match the parent account's currency

  • Fixed an issue where account-package pricing was no longer displayed after the package was configured on a price plan with a product code

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect price plan could be referenced when applying a non-recurring charge price override

  • Fixed an issue where flat charges on share plan tiers were not applied after voiding an invoice

  • Fixed an issue where a credit set to Show On Credit Note could not be disbursed to an invoice

  • Modified real time taxing behavior in AvaTax integrated environments to proceed with taxing of valid records in a batch when some records in the batch cannot be processed due to error

  • Added error logging in AvaTax integrated environments to indicate the cause when records in a batch cannot be taxed

  • Fixed an issue where charges on the Orders screen could be displayed in currencies that did not match the account currency

  • Fixed an issue which could cause orders to become stuck in a BillingPending state

  • Fixed an issue with billing orders which could result in billing account packages that were not part of the order

  • Fixed an issue where orders which contained postpaid packages with non-recurring charges and future dated effective dates would fail to bill recurring and transition charges related to the package

  • Fixed an issue where setting price overrides on services would result in only those prices being listed on orders

  • Fixed an issue where usage identifiers were being displayed multiple times in invoice statement reports

  • Fixed an issue which could cause report generation failures

  • Updated the Usage v2 data source to return invoice id details so that reports can track invoice items to specific usage charges

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to import an account package which contained a billing activation service would fail in error

  • Fixed an issue which prevented accounts from being deleted using the Account Delete API

  • Modified Delete/Account API to allow accounts to be deleted when a billable contact exists on the account

  • Modified the webhook authentication token Value field to support up to 4000 characters

10.2.1-Patch.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue which caused account-package billed through dates to be set incorrectly after billing the package

  • Improved performance loading package data on the account packages screen

  • Added validation to prevent configuring different accounts in the Subscription Invoicer and Usage Invoicer fields on accounts. Splitting invoices is not currently supported

  • Fixed an issue where backdated account-services that were created and cancelled in the same period would not bill correctly

  • Fixed an issue where voiding invoice charges related to an account-package which contained an optional service and a non-optional service with differing start dates would result in an incorrect next bill date being set on the package

  • Fixed an issue where a non-recurring service charge would be rebilled after canceling the account-package containing the charge and voiding the invoice

  • Fixed an issue where prices in account-packages could not be modified for services that were added by global add-ons

  • Fixed an issue which caused account-package and account-service custom field values not to be displayed on packages in a processed order until the job service was restarted

  • Fixed an issue where custom fields of field type 'Decimal' would return an invalid character error when attempting to enter a decimal value into the field

  • Fixed an issue where billing an order would fail when the order's effective date matched the account's bill day

  • Modified bill run logic to prevent multiple parallel bill runs from billing the same account twice

  • Fixed an issue where non-recurring charges defined in price plans were billed at the catalog price instead of the price set in the plan

  • Fixed an issue where account price plans failed to load when an inactive package frequency was configured on the plan

  • Fixed a tax rounding issue where voiding an invoice that contained a one-time credit charge could cause the account balance to be off by one cent in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where activation fees were not applied when transitioning an account-package from New to Active status

  • Fixed an issue where flat charges on share plan buckets were not billed after voiding the invoice which contained the charges and billing the account

  • Fixed an issue where an update failure would occur when attempting to adjust service prices in add-on packages within share plans

  • Modified account contract commitment logic to evaluate commitments by looking at past billing periods for packages, services and usage instead of the current period. Commitment penalties will no longer be applicable to open periods, with the exception of invoice amount commitments

  • Disabled the ability to edit a contract commitment once the commitment period has been completed

  • Fixed an issue where invoice commitment charges on contracts would continue to apply after the commitment period expired

  • Fixed an issue which caused average data usage contract commitment charges to be incorrect

  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect charges to be calculated for tiered average usage on account contracts

  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate contract commitment penalties to be applied when multiple services or usage classes were configured under contract commitments

  • Fixed an issue where manual payments were not disbursed after invoicing an account

  • Fixed an issue in Spreedly integrated environments where mail merge variable names would be displayed on invoices when the mail merge token contained no value

  • Fixed an issue where auto pay would only be performed for one account when executing a bill run against multiple accounts with auto pay enabled

  • Modified data profiles to support loading package frequencies with tiered prices

  • Fixed an issue where reports using custom data sources could not be generated when a filter was configured on the report

  • Fixed an issue which caused usage exceptions to display an incorrect exception reason

  • Fixed an issue which could cause usage exception processing to become stuck in a processing state

  • Fixed an issue where share plans could not be deleted by API when package level participation was configured on the plan

  • Added API validation to prevent patches from adjusting share plan account service usage buckets, account shareplan contributions and account shareplan participation values

  • Added validation to the UsageBucketSharePlanAPI to prevent contributing amounts from being misconfigured

  • Fixed an issue that caused configured contract commitments to be uneditable by API

  • Modified webhook logic to address a race condition that could cause incorrectly configured subscribers

  • Improved data import performance

10.2.1-Patch.2-Hotfix.1 Release Notes

  • Improved error logging when billing errors occur

  • Improved data import performance

  • Updated taxing logic to store $0 tax items with an invoice item amount of 0 in the invoice item tax table for reporting purposes

  • Fixed an issue where a service credit would be applied for a full period billed package when an account-service in the package had its status changed

  • Fixed an issue which caused invoice rendering errors when attempting to generate an invoice with tokens using a report custom data source

  • Performance improvements to address timeout issues when rendering invoices

10.2.1-Patch.2-Hotfix.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the account tax category set on an account or tax vendor was not evaluated when determining the tax category and the account tax category defaulted to 'Residential'