AvaTax Configuration Example

Last Updated: Thu Feb 18 2021



Configuration Steps

When AvaTax is selected, the following fields are shown:

  • Display Name: Text field, required, default to "AvaTax"

  • Company Identifier: Text field, Required

  • URL: Text field, required (avatax endpoint)User Name: Text field, required (avatax username)

  • Password: Text field, required, obscured

  • Client Profile ID: Text field, required (required to be sent to avatax to establish client tax profile)

  • Business Class: Dropdown, required, values CLEC, ILEC

  • Service Class: Dropdown, required, values Primary Local and Primary Long Distance (Avatax requires this for calculation)

Save the Tax Vendor after filling the required Credentials and set the Active box to activate the Tax Vendor.

Tax Categories fields are introduced to this screen and can be configured

Tax Categories Setup

Navigate to API ResourceServer/api/v3/Tax/Vendor/

/RefreshTaxTypes (TaxCategories are configured in the system by calling the API: ResourceServer/api/v3/Tax/Vendor/{id}/RefreshTaxTypes

This is a one-time setup. This is not currently triggered as part of the tax vendor setup (like the service tax categories).)
Enter TaxVendor ID and update

Configure Tax Code

Navigate to Tax Codes Screen and configure the Tax Code. The following fields are shown on the Tax Code screen

Name: Text field, Required
Display Name: Not Required
Tax Vendor: AvaTax Required
Service Tax Category: Not Required
Account Tax Category: Not Required
Country: Not required
State/Province: Not Required