Price Plans

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Price plans can be defined and customized at an account level. Associated with each price plan are a set of attributes: the name and description of the price plan, packages and when the price plan comes into effect. Pricing rules can be defined for one or more packages on the price plan.

The goal of a Price Plan is to create a negotiated customer specific product catalog so that when they purchase packages their pre-negotiated pricing is applied instead of catalog pricing.

Tiered and Volume Pricing

Tiered pricing rules can also be setup to handle account level volume pricing. Note that the price plan only defines the pricing rules for a package or service. The package still has to be assigned to the account in order for Price Plan pricing rules to take effect. If an account has a price plan associated with it, the account will be charged the pricing defined in the price plan.

Price Plan Expiration

An account that does not have an associated price plan will pull pricing from the catalog by default. If the account has a price plan that expires (i.e. end date associated with it), the account will pull pricing from the catalog after the expiry date.