Adding/Running a Data Import

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2020
  1. At the top of the Data Imports panel click the (emoji) action button

  2. Populate the fields as desired

  3. When you upload the import file using the (emoji) action button two new tabs will load:

    • Input Sample: displays the data and the fields from the import file

    • Target Sample: displays the data that will be imported (after any transforms) and the target fields that the data will be written to

  4. To validate that there are no issues with the data being imported click the (emoji) action button

  5. To run the import click the (emoji) action button

  6. An Import Results tab will load after running the import. This will display a summary of the data import configuration as well as the import progress

  7. If you wish to save the import configuration (to run it again later) click Save