Adding Custom Fields

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2020
  1. Under the Custom Fields heading on the left click the (emoji) icon

  2. On the Add Custom Field modal that loads specify the Entity which the custom field will be attached to (an account, account package, etc.)

  3. Specify the Field Type (string, date, number, etc.) that the custom field will capture/contain

  4. If you wish to provide users with a list of options to select from enable the List checkbox. Note that this list option will be greyed out if the data type only supports specific field values (e.g. a singular date/time or a boolean type which has two set values to select from)

  5. If you wish the custom field to be auto-populated by referencing data in the system vs. user input select the Lookup option

  6. For custom fields with the 'List' option set you can allow the user to select multiple values in the list by checking the Allow Multiple Selection option

  7. Click Add to continue configuring the custom field on the Add Custom Field panel.

  8. Click Save when finished configuring the custom field

  9. To display the custom field on the entity it was configured on (an account, package, etc.) add the custom field to a layout