Editing Rounding Rules

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2020
  1. Locate the rule on the left under the Rounding Rules heading or use the Filter text box to narrow down the list

  2. On the left under the Rounding Rules heading select the rule in the list

  3. The Rounding Rule configuration will be displayed on the right under the Edit Rounding Rule heading

  4. Edit the values under the Rounding Rule heading as needed

    • Name: a descriptive reference for the rule

    • Active: determines if the rounding rule is active (can be added to usage rates) or inactive

    • Base Unit Type: specify the base type

      • Time: duration in time (days, hours, minutes, seconds)

      • Data: amount in data

      • Count: amount in occurrences, for instance faxes or SMS's

    • Unit Type: specify the Unit Type in relation to the base type (e.g. Time -> Seconds)

    • Minimum: specify the minimum value that will be charged for the usage. For instance if the configured Unit Types are 'Data > Kilobytes' and the minimum value is set to 1, data session usage will be rounded up to one Kilobyte

    • Increment: specify the rounding rules that will apply after the minimum value has been reached. For instance a Rounding Rule with a Unit Type of 'Seconds' with an Increment value of 6 would result in usage being rounded up in six second increments after the minimum value was reached

    • Sort Order: determines the order that rounding rules will be listed in when selecting a rounding rule on the usage rates screen

  5. Click Save to commit your changes