Adding Usage Rate Groups

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2020

The first step in the configuring rating in the system is to define rate groups. Once complete individual rates can then be assigned to their respective rate group. To add groups:

  1. Under the heading Usage Rate Groups click on the (emoji) icon

  2. Under the Add Usage Rate Group heading on the right specify the rate group details

  3. Next you have the option of setting up Conditions which allow rates in a specific rate group to be used if a configured condition is met (e.g. rate data usage at $5.00 per GB when data is used from a specific location). To setup conditions follow the steps below, otherwise click Save to create your rate group without conditions

    1. In the lower right of the Conditions section click on the New button

    2. Specify the Usage Attribute the condition will apply to, for instance 'Originating Identifier'

    3. Specify the Operator, for instance 'Equals', 'Contains', etc.

    4. Specify the Value that the Field and Operator will trigger on, for example a phone number, usage class, etc.

    5. Click the Add button and the new condition will be shown on the Conditions tab. Once you save the rate group the condition will be saved as well

  4. When you have completed configuring your new rate group click the Save button in the lower right