Flexible Billing And Data Organization Options

February 6th, 2012 |

LogiSense EngageIP strives to be the best billing platform in the industry. To be the best, the software needs to be fast, flexible, robust and most importantly accurate. The first requirement is speed…

EngageIP can be easily scaled to handle your data and billing requirements whether it be on the telecom side of things or direct end user sales or service. The EngageIP solution manages this requirement through the use of MSSQL clustering services or replication on top of  a variety of technological options such as blade server installations and SAN data grids. Building on top of great industry standard Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, MSSQL and Windows Server operating systems ensures that EngageIP will be flexible for many years.

The second requirement is flexibility and EngageIP is well ahead of the pack regarding this. Through the use of additional customizable data sets attached to customer records, your company can collect, organize, manage and deliver information to all areas of your organization, whether that be your accounting team via reports, or delivering authentication information to your subscriber gateways. Regardless of the type or amount of information you collect, EngageIP has an efficient way to process it and present back to you or your customers.

Third is the robustness of the platform. Service Providers need a system that is stable, provides maximum up time and quick response to CSR or customer input. EngageIP simplifies and manages this again through great Microsoft technologies as well as efficient, well thought out design from the ground up. EngageIP is a proven platform performing consistently all over the world.

The fourth and most important aspect of EngageIP as a billing solution is its accuracy. EngageIP delivers accurate onetime or recurring billing for your customer base and its a proven solution for many companies in a wide range of end customer and internal billing deployments worldwide. Your billing solution just needs to work and thats what EngageIP is best at. Your billing, your way delivering customized billing and fully branded invoicing and collection.

If you would like to hear from some of our customers to see what they say about our product, we would be happy to provide examples of just a few of our many successful deployments. Please contact our sales team at sales@logisense.com and we will be happy to setup a visit or a call to get you the information you need to make a well informed decision on your next billing platform!

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