More Billing Options with EngageIP Billing

September 11th, 2012 |

LogiSense Corporation with its flagship software EngageIP Billing continues to innovate in the billing and OSS space. Further billing options have been added to the platform to provide flexibility of automated billing. Options have also been added to automate the management of invoices and to further improve performance during bill runs.

EngageIP continues to evolve and gain options to improve your business flows and to integrate more easily into your existing billing framework and reporting requirements.

Our knowledge base, which is replete with articles detailing every aspect of EngageIP Billing contains helpful and simple walk-throughs for billing processes, and training material. In addition, it provides information on all the latest features and improvements we are adding by way of release notes. New articles are added almost daily for new functionality or improved functionality.

If you have a particular billing process that is required to be in place, EngageIP Billing most likely has a method to accomplish that process in an automated fashion whether from existing functionality or by way of plugins which extend its functionality.

Feel free to contact us for information on what EngageIP Billing can do! Email or call 519 249 0508

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