Company Addresses Service Provider Needs in Evolving IP Marketplace; Anticipates Continued Success in 2011

Ontario (PRWEB) January 12, 2011

LogiSense (, a leading provider of IP billing and OSS solutions, today reported several milestone achievements for 2010, including a 25% increase in headcount and several new customers across Asia, Europe and North America. In addition, the company forecasts strong and continued growth for 2011.

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Content will be (is)  king in 2011 for service providers, predicts a Canadian-based billing and operational support software company. Flavio Gomes, CEO of Cambridge, Ont.-based LogiSense Corp., believes that this year telephone, cable and Internet providers will increasingly try to apply granular controls over their networks to charge for content where they can.

In Canada and elsewhere, “the plumbing wars are over,” he said, referring to the race to build faster wired and wireless infrastructure. Instead, using technology like deep packet inspection, providers will focus more on seeking new ways to monetize the networks.

“We strongly believe the world of ‘all you can eat’ is over,” he said, meaning allowing consumer subscribers to download unlimited amounts of data for a flat monthly fee. Instead, providers will try to leverage new telephony and entertaining services about to be rolled out, he said. “Network operators need to recoup the costs of their investments,” Gomes said, thanks to increasingly heavy data loads.

Rules by Canadian and U.S. telecom regulators allowing limited traffic management through will play a role in that, he said.

He believes last month’s proposed new network neutrality (net neutrality) regulations by the Federal Communications Commission will have a big impact in the U.S.

“It’s a big driver to how service providers will be charging and managing their usage of consumption-based elements of their networks,” he said. “Being able to predict where that path is going is important to us,” he added, “because our R&D efforts are premised on the fact that networks will be open.”

Larry Goldman, the head of telecom software research at Analysys Mason, a Chicago operations telecom research and consulting firm, agrees that for providers content is becoming increasingly important not only for strategy but also other concerns.

“Faster networks don’t make you put in a new billing system or a new customer care system,” he said. “New services like content does.”

The importance of content can be seen in Shaw Communications Inc.’s purchase of the Canwest Global TV network, which analysts say is an attempt to match the broadcasting interests of BCE Inc.’s Bell Canada and Rogers Communications.

The non-discrimination section of the Telecommunications Act, which the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) says applies to both Internet and wireless traffic, has so far dampened service providers’ hopes of setting content-related fees.

Ontario (December 1, 2010) LogiSense (, a leading provider of IP billing & OSS solutions, today announced that PBX-Change will deploy EngageIP to both its retail and wholesale customers.

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Database Backups And Compression

November 18th, 2010 | Posted by Louie Conceicao

Backing up databases can consume lots of space, consider using compression while backup up to improve both disk space and performance for backups and restores. For detail, see the MS Technet article here:

Because a compressed backup is smaller than an uncompressed backup of the same data, compressing a backup typically requires less device I/O and therefore usually increases backup speed significantly.

A valued LogiSense client, Phoenix-based Telesphere, a provider of PBX, VoIP, business phone and Internet services, said late Friday that it has closed on additional funding According to a recent regulatory filing by the firm, it has just received $14.7M.

“This investment is our most significant yet, given we now have the funding to support our growth through cash flow positive status. This puts Telesphere in an elite group of communications providers,” said Telesphere Chief Executive Officer Clark Peterson. “With this additional capital, we will continue to invest in the company to ensure we are providing award-winning customer service and leading the dramatic shift of businesses moving their voice and data services to the Cloud.”

This news comes on the heels of Telesphere being recognized last month as one of the top 10 fastest growing companies headquartered in Arizona at the annual Ace Awards event. Other winners included GoDaddy, LifeLock and Sprouts Farmers Markets.

“We are grateful to our investors who have continued to show confidence in Telesphere,” continued Peterson. “It goes to show there is great optimism about the multi-billion dollar market opportunity for hosted communications in the Cloud and the future of Telesphere.”

Telesphere continues to grow rapidly despite challenging economic times due to increased demand from businesses to receive voice and data services hosted in the “Cloud.” Cloud-based services save businesses the costs of on-premises PBX voice systems and give users the ability to integrate solutions across voice and data services.

About Telesphere

Telesphere is a nationwide business phone and Internet services provider that delivers an innovative package of hosted VoIP telephone services and Internet access to businesses throughout the United States. As one of the first companies to offer hosted enterprise level communications as a service (CaaS), Telesphere allows businesses to enjoy all the latest voice and data features of large enterprises without costly investment in on-premises equipment. Telesphere’s more than six years of CaaS experience to businesses throughout the United States places it at the forefront of companies that specialize in the convergence of office PBX phone service, cellular phones, PCs and Unified Communications features. Telesphere fully manages its customers’ services over a private IP facilities-based network.

About LogiSense Corporation

LogiSense Corporation is a global provider of IP management software for operators competing in the converged IP services market. The EngageIP products address specific network usage administration requirements including billing, cost allocation, customer care, traffic management, telecom rating and IP services delivery. For more information about LogiSense, visit

Infosat Communications LP has implemented LogiSenses’ EngageIP billing and OSS software to efficiently manage billing and usage rating for critical service offerings, including voice and data. Additionally Infosat has integrated LogiSenses’ Resource Management module to manage physical and virtual resources such as subscriber identity cards, toll free numbers and satellite network addresses. Read more…

ON March 5th Broadsoft issued alert M6-20100305

It describes an issue with Daylight Savings Time that could overwrite a days worth of CDR

According to the alert the following will occur:

At 00:00:00 on March 14th the standard file will be written
/usr/voiss/System/CDRFile03132010.frf   — contains CDR data for Mar. 13th

At 00:00 on March 15th a file with the same name will be written with CDR from the 14th
/usr/voiss/System/CDRFile03132010.frf   — contains CDR data for Mar. 14th

Although it doesn’t state this in the alert we would assume the next day is back to normal:

At 00:00:00 on March 16th the standard file will be written

/usr/voiss/System/CDRFile03152010.frf   — containing CDR data for Mar. 15th

Steps to take:

1) As described in the alert make sure to move the first file CDRFile03132010.frf to EngageIP sometime on March 14th.

2) For the second file, before moving the file over to EngageIP on the 15th, rename it from CDRFile03132010.frf to CDRFile03142010.frf (what it truly should be).

That should be all that is needed but it is best to  check on the naming of the file generated at 00:00:00 on Mar. 16th to make sure it is back to the standard naming convention.

If you have any questions, please first contact your Broadsoft support representative. If you have any questions after this, please feel free to contact us at

LogiSense BroadSoft Provisioning

LogiSense Corporation meets the challenges of complex provisioning processes for VoIP Service Providers with its EngageIP platform.

The EngageIP billing and OSS platform provisions to BroadSoft’s M6 and BroadWorks** switches. By choosing the EngageIP platform, operators are able to have a single point of entry for customer, billing/rating, revenue assurance and provisioning processes.

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LogiSense EngageIP Billing and OSS Platform offers unprecedented flexibility

Cambridge, Ontario CANADA. – (February 26, 2010) – LogiSense Corporation today released information on their XtendaBase™ toolset for their EngageIP platform.

The unique platform allows Service Providers to easily extend the EngageIP Billling and OSS platform to accommodate new products and services offered.

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