BroadSoft M6 Alert – Daylight Savings Time Could Overwrite Usage Files

March 8th, 2010 |

ON March 5th Broadsoft issued alert M6-20100305

It describes an issue with Daylight Savings Time that could overwrite a days worth of CDR

According to the alert the following will occur:

At 00:00:00 on March 14th the standard file will be written
/usr/voiss/System/CDRFile03132010.frf   — contains CDR data for Mar. 13th

At 00:00 on March 15th a file with the same name will be written with CDR from the 14th
/usr/voiss/System/CDRFile03132010.frf   — contains CDR data for Mar. 14th

Although it doesn’t state this in the alert we would assume the next day is back to normal:

At 00:00:00 on March 16th the standard file will be written

/usr/voiss/System/CDRFile03152010.frf   — containing CDR data for Mar. 15th

Steps to take:

1) As described in the alert make sure to move the first file CDRFile03132010.frf to EngageIP sometime on March 14th.

2) For the second file, before moving the file over to EngageIP on the 15th, rename it from CDRFile03132010.frf to CDRFile03142010.frf (what it truly should be).

That should be all that is needed but it is best to  check on the naming of the file generated at 00:00:00 on Mar. 16th to make sure it is back to the standard naming convention.

If you have any questions, please first contact your Broadsoft support representative. If you have any questions after this, please feel free to contact us at

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