Modernizing Utility Billing in the Age of Smart Energy

Utility Billing Solutions

Over the next decade, residential power consumption will change significantly.  Residential customers with rooftop solar panels will become power producers, as well as consumers.  Households with electric vehicles and heat pumps will consume much more power than those without.

Smart Energy services are becoming as important as the power supply.  Utility providers have already begun selling energy services to customers, such as smart home technologies – thermostats, appliances, lighting and plugs, which are sold as a subscription or one-off payment rather than billed by consumption.  Others are now offering services outside the traditional utility business model, such as electric vehicle charging.

Utility Billing Challenges

Smart Metering Requires Smarter Billing

Product development becomes a race between competitors to use data in new ways to create products and services that are relevant to their customers

New Entrants

Utilities are not the only companies investigating opportunities in the connected home. The greatest threats come from outside the industry

Tight Budget and Small IT Teams

Existing systems are typically heavily customized and for smaller organizations this only magnifies the risk and reluctance to upgrade billing systems. However, the market is starting to move

Automate, Optimize, and Simplify Your Smart Energy Business Models

LogiSense is leading the way in solving the most complex monetization requirements of the connected economy. Through the LogiSense usage rating and billing capabilities, Smart Energy solution providers can automate process steps, optimize revenue, and simplify the complexities of current and next generation energy services.

Key Attributes

  • Two-way communication allows for automated integration into advanced metering infrastructure for remote meter management tied to billing
  • Fast time to revenue with rapid introduction of new services
  • Self-serve care allows customers to monitor household energy usage, compare offers and better manage costs
  • Scalable to manage an enormous number of devices and services
  • Flexible business models including support for postpaid, prepaid, one-time and recurring subscriptions, as well as consumption based billing models
Tackle the most fundamental billing and revenue management challenges

The LogiSense usage rating and subscription billing solution provides the perfect blend of agility, flexibility, and scalability needed by providers to complete their billing transformation journey.

The solution was designed for this type of emerging technology and enables service providers to:

  • Achieve faster time to market with a solution capable of billing for any type of service 
  • Accommodate complex and flexible billing processes 
  • Create customized billing rules for large enterprise customers 
  • Flexible support for pricing or recurring and usage based fees 
  • Rapidly make changes to usage rating plans or service offerings 
  • Communicate transparently and in real time with their customers on usage and spend patterns 
  • Provide the required high levels of automation across the full process spectrum 
  • API integration into third-party systems


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