Flexible and Powerful Billing to Optimize Today’s Business Communications

Empowering the Future of Unified Communications

Demands are increasing for integrated business communication tools for voice, messaging, collaboration and mobility to support business productivity and keep employees connected and engaged from anywhere, anytime – with less complexity and less expense.

Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) providers are having to quickly adjust by going beyond advanced telephony calling and management, unified messaging, web, audio and video conferencing and instant messaging to offer collaborative applications for social and sharing files, video conference systems, mobile unified communications hardware and applications and web real-time communications.

Meeting Tomorrow’s Needs Today

The LogiSense Unified Communications usage rating & billing solution was designed for service providers offering Business VoIP or Cloud based Hosted PBX systems that integrate Internet and Telecommunications.

The LogiSense solution supports flexible and compelling pricing models for prepaid or postpaid VoIP services, provides faster go to market for innovative new service offerings, supports enterprise personalization to respond quicker to customer demands and helps service providers monetize new revenue streams from a growing ecosystems of diverse services.

Key Opportunities for Business Growth
  • Usage pooling – pool usage under one plan by rolling up usage from thousands of users, devices and services into one bill to simplify the customer experience, prevent churn, tie separate offerings and increase market share
  • Outcome based billing – volume-based subscription discounting tied to the number of ‘active’ seats and usage allocated to each device gets pooled for single aggregate allowance. Past performance determines next month’s rates – the more activated the more saved with a simple rate for all enterprise devices
  • Pay as you grow – allows you to start small and expand as your budget and business grows. Because it is affordable, easy to deploy and configure, it’s a sustainable solution with a return on investment (ROI) that allows service providers to gain the competitive edge 

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